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One Perfect Night

Written by Teresa Southwick

Chapter Four

The day after he'd had the most perfect date with Julie, Ben's ex-girlfriend had told him she was pregnant. And that the baby could be his.

He couldn't ask Julie to deal with his baggage from another relationship, not when theirs was so new. It had ripped his heart out to put things on hold, but he had to be fair to her. He hadn't told Julie more than the basics then. It was time to give her the whole story. "I knew things weren't working with my ex and it needed to end. Then I found her with another guy, and I broke it off with her for good."

"Until she told you she was pregnant and you might be the father of her baby."

"Yeah, but it was unlikely I was the father." He willed her to believe him.

"I see."

"No, you don't. She was eight months pregnant when she dropped the bombshell." He heard the bitter ring in his voice, and knew he was angry because Julie had been collateral damage of the hell his ex had put him through.

"Took her time, didn't she?"

Ben figured Penny had never intended to tell him at all. Her plan was to live happily ever after with the guy who'd replaced him. But the jerk hadn't lived up to her expectations and she'd gone to Plan B, the old boyfriend.

"For her health and the baby's, DNA tests to prove paternity had to wait until he was born."

"She had a boy?"

He nodded. "And I'm not his father. Julie, I called a time-out with you so I could clear everything up before we went forward. I refused to let my ex's games taint the beginning of what you and I have."

"Had," she corrected.

"Past tense?"

"I've moved on, Ben."

"That's not what I see."

He loved that Julie didn't hide her feelings. As he studied the expression in her big blue eyes, he could tell that the hurt still lingered. If she'd really moved on he'd be reading indifference. The fact that he didn't gave him hope.

"I'm not sure what you think you see," she said, "but it doesn't change anything. You didn't have enough faith in me. You didn't trust that I could handle it."

Again she was using past tense, and that wasn't going to fly with him. No one said getting a second chance with her would be easy, but Ben wasn't about to give up. He was fighting for his future. Their future

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Teresa Southwick

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