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Midwife's Marriage Miracle

Written by Fiona McArthur

Chapter Twenty

Six months later, in birthing room two at MMU, the place she'd stood up and told a new young doctor what her patient wanted ten years ago, Mrs Bronte Fraser gazed down at her baby granddaughter and could feel the swell of love in her heart expand to include a new favourite person.

She watched her daughter grin up at her, already morphing into a mother, so proud of herself. Tess's hand cupped protectively over the tiny fingers and Bronte remembered that feeling from all those years ago. The wonder, the awe and the responsibility for a tiny human being that she'd taken on with all her heart – and now it was Tess's turn. Already Bronte could feel a new closeness between them as Tess began to understand what being a mother meant.

Bronte's hand slid gently to her stomach where her their own miniature babies grew and remembered Cole's shock, and incredible delight that he would soon be a father, that their family would grow, times two, and his reassurance that she would have as much help as she needed or wanted. And that he loved with all his heart.

This time pregnancy would be different – she wouldn't be on her own, she would be cossetted and cared for instead of working almost until her due date, but most of all she would have Cole. The man she'd always been destined for and they would savour every moment of a chance they might never have had except for a class of young mums and her friend Isla.

She glanced at her gorgeous husband as he took a photo of her three-generation family from across the room. He was such a handsome guy, she hugged to herself gleefully, even now finding it hard to believe how much he adored her.

She'd never been happier and more complete than when she glanced around this room and appreciated how lucky she was.

She had her friend Isla, midwife to her beautiful daughter, smiling up at her. Isla had been on the end of the phone all through the pregnancy keeping Bronte involved.

Her daughter, Tess, glowing, flushed with amazement at herself and her new baby. There was Jed, tears running down his face, his eyes red rimmed and filled with wonder at their creation, adoring Tess, adoring his new daughter.

Cole, her husband, proud of her, enveloping her in a cloak of love and humour and strength for the times she needed a break from trying to run the world - funny how it didn't seem as important to run anything anymore. That was probably because she was concentrating on pinching herself and enjoying every single wonderful moment in her life.

Suddenly she thought of Anna's waterbirth all those months ago, and how she hadn't known how much her life would change from that day.

How finally the time was perfectly right to let go of trying to organise her life and just revel in the love that surrounded her.

She lifted her hand and blew a kiss to Cole, her amazing forever man she'd met here at Melbourne Maternity Unit all those years ago. Her love.


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I’m a mostly-amused mother of five sons, married to the man I fe...

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Fiona McArthur

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