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Written by Elizabeth Heiter

Chapter Twenty

"Sharon." Evelyn found herself staring down the barrel of a Glock pistol.

Sharon's hold on the gun was strong, her feet solidly planted and her finger resting alongside the trigger guard. She knew how to shoot.

Evelyn looked into her dark brown eyes and saw it. The thing that had been bothering her since she'd realized Peter Quintos was involved. "It was you who killed those men."

Sharon shrugged, a simple lift of her broad shoulders that told Evelyn she wasn't sorry. "They deserved it."

"Maybe so, but does your husband deserve to go to jail for your actions?"

Sharon's gaze dropped to him once more, then locked back on Evelyn. "That's your fault. You should have left it alone. Even after I put that note on your condo, you still wouldn't let it go!"

"I couldn't." Evelyn kept her eyes focused on Sharon, willing herself not to look past her, where Kyle was creeping toward them, sopping wet but somehow silent. "What happened? You overheard your husband's session?"

"I found his notes last week." Sharon's face darkened. "I heard what that kid had been through, and then I saw Bill Desmond at the park, laughing and going about his day as though he'd never done anything wrong."

Her voice grew louder, her breathing faster, and her hands began to shake. "My son didn't get his justice, but that was when I knew. I could get justice for other sons."

A waft of alcohol hit Evelyn in the face as Sharon spoke, reminding Evelyn of her comment to the police. The killer would have started acting strangely since the crimes, something people would notice.

"Killing me won't stop this," Evelyn told her. "The police are eventually going to connect the murders to you."

Sharon's hands shook a little more violently and she braced her feet farther apart to compensate. "Why would they? Bill Desmond and Xander Griffiths thought I was harmless when I told them I needed to talk to them in private. I said I wanted to discuss a rumor I'd heard about each of them that I was sure couldn't be true. They thought I was harmless right up until I pulled out my gun and put bullets in their heads. If I get caught, so be it. But I won't go down without a fight. Don't think you can stop me."

Evelyn kept talking, seeing Kyle move forward in her peripheral vision. "Maybe not. But what about Peter? He came here for you, because he discovered what you'd done, didn't he?"

She saw the truth of her words reflected in Sharon's frown, and kept going."He was willing to kill for you, but do you want him to die for you today?"

Her gaze dropped once more to her husband, and her gun shifted with it.

Kyle leapt forward, slamming into her with the full force of a trained tactical agent. He wrestled the gun out of her hands before Evelyn could dive in to help.

Then he had Sharon's hands behind her back, and he was cuffing her.

Evelyn looked at him in disbelief."Where did you get handcuffs?"

He shrugged, a hint of red creeping up his cheeks. "I left my gun behind. I brought the cuffs. Luckily I didn't lose them in the water."

Evelyn glanced back toward the trail and he assured her, "I pulled the boy out. He's okay. I sent him and his mom in the other direction to get help as soon as I saw the blood on the walkway."

"So they had nothing to do with this?" Evelyn asked, even though she knew they didn't. That mother had been too frantic to be faking.

"No. Bad timing. Or more likely, Peter's been following us since the pier and he saw an opportunity."

"The mom must have told police to hurry, because I can already hear the sirens," Evelyn said. They were closing in fast.

On the ground, Sharon crawled closer to her unconscious husband and whispered, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I did it for Eddie."

A sudden sadness filled Evelyn, but she pushed it back as Kyle stood. The case was closed now. She could focus on her own life for a change. She could focus on Kyle.

She'd worry about her real cases when she got back to Virginia.

For now, her profiler's voice could rest. Wiping blood away from her forehead, she twined her hand in Kyle's and suggested, "Maybe we should take the rest of our trip on another island."

He squeezed her fingers, a smile twitching his lips. "How about we pretend we don't work for the FBI for three days?"

She grinned, heading back toward the trail as the police rushed in. "Deal."

Reality could wait. It was time for her vacation. And for Kyle.

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