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His Secret Baby Surprise

Written by Andrea Laurence

Chapter Twenty

Teresa's eyes were glued to the closed box in his hand. "Did you say honeymoon?"

She watched as a smile crossed Cruz's face and he dropped to one knee in front of her. He opened the box, revealing the most beautiful diamond and garnet ring she'd ever seen. Garnets were Linda's birthstone.

"Teresa, you are the strongest, bravest woman I know. I don't know that I would've made it through those years in prison without looking forward to seeing you when I got out. I couldn't have chosen a better mother for my children if I'd tried. I want you to be a part of my life always as my partner, my lover and my friend. Will you marry me?"

She wasn't sure if it was the wild pregnancy hormones or if her life was really such an emotional roller coaster. On the verge of tears, now her heart was soaring in her chest. "Yes!" she said before the doubts could sabotage another moment in their life together.

He leapt to his feet and pulled her into his arms. His lips met hers and she felt her worries melt away. He'd turned down that trip to America, which was a small step, but a huge about-face for Cruz. She knew in her heart he meant what he'd said and this time would be different. She was just letting her fears get in the way.

As they finally parted, she held out her finger so that Cruz could slip the ring on. Before she could say another thing, the sound of Linda's sleepy cries echoed from down the hallway.

"I'll go get her," Cruz offered, quickly leaving the room and returning with the toddler in her pink footie pajamas. Her tears had quickly dried and she looked content in her daddy's arms, just as Teresa was.

"Are you sure you don't need to go to Miami?" she asked.

"Absolutely," Cruz said, planting a kiss in Linda's dark curls. "We've got a wedding to plan. What do you have in mind for our big day?"

Teresa wrinkled her nose. She hadn't really given the idea much thought. "I just want to have a small ceremony with our families, and then all three of us can take a family vacation someplace quiet and beautiful. Maybe in a cottage in the French countryside or even just a beach house in Playa del Onda where we can relax and enjoy each other."

"Whatever you want. My family and what they want is what matters most."

"Well, then, I want you to move in right away," Teresa said, happy to start making demands of her new fiancé. "And then, I need your help decorating the new nursery."

Cruz stiffened, looking at her with confusion in his eyes. "The new nursery?"

"Yes," she said with a wide smile. "I'm pregnant."

His jaw dropped and his gaze fell to her stomach as he tried to grasp everything. "That's wonderful," he said as he broke into a wide grin and pulled her against his side into another hug.

Teresa held him tight, so glad to finally have the moment she'd hoped for and never had with her previous pregnancy. She couldn't wait to see his face when he heard the baby's heartbeat or felt it kick for the first time. She wanted to experience it all with him without the bittersweet emotions of before. She reached out and stroked Linda's chubby cheek, brushing over the same little dimple her daddy had.

Getting back onto one knee, he pressed a hand against Teresa's belly and looked at his daughter. "You're going to have a little brother or sister, Linda, and I'm not going to miss another moment with either of you," he said. "I've already missed too much."

"You've only missed a small piece of our life together," Teresa assured him. "We've got a lifetime to make up for it."

Cruz stood and held his family close. "A lifetime with you is hardly enough."


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