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Coming Home To Her Cowboy

Written by Brenda Harlen

Chapter Twenty

Nora awakened several hours later when Devin waved a mug of coffee beneath her nose.

“Mmm.” She sat up in bed to accept the offering. “While not quite as effective as the way you woke me last night, I’ll take it.”

“As much as I’d like to repeat what happened last night, we have some decisions to make.”

“What kind of decisions?”

“First, whether we’re going to get married here or in Charisma.”

She’d started to lift the mug to her lips, pulled it away again. “What?”

“Ellen wants us to get married in Charisma so your dad can walk you down the aisle, but I don’t think there’s any reason he couldn’t do that here.”

She swallowed a mouthful of coffee, hoping the caffeine would lift the fog that enveloped her brain. And maybe it worked. “That’s where you were,” she realized. “You went to North Carolina.”

He nodded. “She also told me that if I wanted to build a life with you, I had to plan regular visits to maintain contact with the Garrett side of your family. She said they didn’t want to lose you because—and I quote—‘some cowboy from Texas finally realized he’d made the biggest mistake of his life’ by ever letting her go.”

Nora smiled. “That sounds like something she would say.”

“So the first decision is where to get married,” he said again.

She almost pointed out that he hadn’t actually asked her to marry him. She even, briefly, considered refusing to respond until he had a ring to offer on bended knee. But looking at him now, seeing the love that filled her own heart shining in his gaze, she knew they’d both already waited long enough.

“I don’t care about the where, only about the who,” she told him. “None of the other details matter so long as I’m marrying you—although a ring would be nice.”

He took his hand out of his pocket and uncurled his fist to reveal a stunning square-cut diamond ring. “Will this one do?”

She blinked through the tears that filled her eyes. “Yes,” she told him. “Absolutely yes.”


They were married in Charisma, and the bride’s father did walk her down the aisle.

After their honeymoon, the newlyweds returned to Echo Ridge. Nora had taken a job at Performance Physical Therapy, and Devin continued to work on the ranch with his brothers and father, who made a full and complete recovery.

Nora and Devin returned to Charisma for Thanksgiving the first year and planned to visit at Christmas the year after that. But Nora was eight months pregnant by then and not able to fly—and not willing to spend sixteen hours driving. Instead, John and Ellen made the trip to Texas to celebrate the new year with them.

As a result, both sets of grandparents were on hand for the birth of Nora and Devin’s first child, a son who came into the world at 4:27 a.m. on New Year’s Day.

The proud parents named him Garrett Findlay.

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