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Island Fling with Dr. Christianopolis

Written by Tina Beckett

Chapter Twenty

Rylee glanced at the suitcase leaning against the wall of her stateroom and grabbed her hat before running to catch up with her tour group. A lot had happened since Chet had walked out on her two years ago.

Since then, she’d gotten divorced. And then remarried.

She made her way down the corridor of the ship and saw the boarding party gathered by the rail of the ship. One tanned arm rose above the crowd, waving to her. She smiled.

He was still here, just as he promised he would be. His suitcase did not contain a letter, and he hadn’t left the ship at the first available opportunity.

They would work to lay a better foundation than the one she’d had in her first marriage. Things looked promising. And hopeful. She curved a hand over her growing tummy, evidence of their love for each other.

Matt wanted children. So did she. She’d just needed to work through her fears, first. She’d lost one child. Could she face the unknowns that came with having a baby? Matt had sat and patiently listened as she poured her heart out over several months. Until she finally felt ready. The pain of Sean’s death would always be there, but she no longer had to face it alone. She now had a partner who would walk with her through the hard times. And soon after they married, she’d gotten pregnant. In five months, she would have a baby girl named Elizabet. Until their daughter made an appearance, though, Rylee was going to live life to the fullest, because life would certainly be full after she was born.

Matt swept her up in an embrace, dropping a kiss on her upturned mouth as they watched the ship preparing to reach port. “Se agapó, glyké mou.”

She pressed her belly into his side with a sigh. “I love you too.”

Learning Greek had been both fun and a struggle, but she’d been able to secure a job at the American Embassy in Athens in a medical consultation role. She was happy and fulfilled. Matt had come into her life at a time when she’d been at her lowest and had given her the support and encouragement she’d needed.

This was their second time visiting Mythelios as a couple, but it surely wouldn’t be the last. They wanted Elizabet to see where they had met.

“Are you feeling okay?”

He fussed over her no end, but she didn’t mind. She knew it came from a deep well of love. One that rivaled her own. “I’m fine. More than fine.”

He lifted her face and studied her before leaning down to whisper in her ear. “Let’s have an island fling.”

She laughed. “Oh, Matt. I’m pretty sure we already are.”

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Being the product of a Navy upbringing, it has always felt natural to ...

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Tina Beckett

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