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Island Fling with Dr. Christianopolis

Written by Tina Beckett

Chapter Two

Matthias Christianopolis eyed the sun-worshippers on the beach with a sigh. He never should have come on this cruise, but his boss had given him tickets she’d been unable to use and an assignment to complete on Mythelios, so he couldn’t very well refuse. But so far he’d been hit on by three women in their group, including one who was in her seventies. He’d dined with the last one twice in a row, since the twinkle in her eye said she was joking.

Hell. How could an island beach be so swarmed? He pulled his sticky T-shirt away from his chest, fanning it a time or two as he continued to look for a spot. Nothing like trying to convince doctors to go to remote locations that weren’t exactly devoid of tourists.

There. A slight space between a couple and a woman. Not one of the women who’d tried to hit on him. He moved closer, trying to get a look at her ring finger without being too conspicuous. A glint of gold told him all he needed to know. Yes! She was married. He was entering the safe zone. Maybe her husband was here on business, as well.

He got a better grip on his beach chair and moved closer.

He would try English first. “Sorry, is this spot taken?”

Her head tilted to the side to glance at him, dark glasses obscuring her eyes. But her blond hair and overly fair skin said she wasn’t the typical beachgoer. She was also younger than he’d hoped. Maybe in her mid-twenties.

“Nope. You’re welcome to try to wedge yourself in.”

“Thanks.” He unfolded his chair, lowered himself into it and kicked off his flip-flops, letting his bare feet hit the hot sand with a sigh. He’d been working nonstop for the last several weeks, trying to place new residents who wanted to find somewhere different to practice. Mythelios evidently fit the bill. So here he was, scouting it out. He would check out the hospital on the island a little later.

“Are you with the cruise?”

She gave a quick laugh that seemed strained and motioned toward the crowded space. “Well…aren’t we all?”

Maybe she thought he was hitting on her. Nothing could be further from the truth. Time to set her mind straight. “Yes. But some of us are here because of our jobs. I see you’re married. Is he here for work?”

“Work?” Another laugh. Harder this time. She took off her glasses and turned to look him full in the face. Blue, blue eyes met his, and his gut twisted to one side as a shock of awareness whispered in his ear. So much for a safe place to land.

“No. He’s not here for work.”

A quiet alarm began sounding in his skull, warring with the pull of those eyes. He cleared his throat. “Did he decide to stay in the room? I know the sun isn’t for everyone.”

“Nope. Not in the room either. Guess again.”

Then before he could really grasp what was happening, the woman twisted the diamond ring off her finger and hurled it with all her might, sending it straight into the Aegean Sea.

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Being the product of a Navy upbringing, it has always felt natural to ...

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Tina Beckett

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