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Reunited on Wedding Island

Written by Sophie Pembroke

Chapter Twenty

“Well, how was I to know you were romancing the Lesser Known Hapsgood?” Gray asked, tetchily, as she poured Miles a glass of wine. They’d been having this argument for well over half an hour now, but it didn’t show any sign of stopping. Gray wouldn’t admit she’d been wrong to hunt him down and interrupt his moment with Haven, even though she’d known she had a paparazzi tail. Gray never did like to admit fault, for anything.

“Don’t call her that.” Miles downed the wine, knowing it was a bad idea on an empty stomach even as he did it. He didn’t care.

He’d gotten his second chance with Haven and he’d blown it. He wasn’t fool enough to think he’d get a third.

Nobody got that lucky. Right?

“Haven Hapsgood,” Gray said, and Miles turned to tell her that yes, that was better, only to realise she wasn’t talking to him.

“Hi. You must be Miles’s sister,” Haven said in response, and Miles felt his chest tighten.

She was still dressed in her shorts and T-shirt, her sneakers still mermaid themed and her blond hair tousled by the salt air. And he still thought she was the most beautiful thing on the island.

His mermaid.

“I’ll let you two…” Gray said, drifting off to talk to someone else without finishing her sentence. Finally, some tact from his blunt-as-a-spoon sister. And maybe not even too late.

“I’m sorry I ran,” Haven said.

“I’m sorry I outed you,” Miles replied. “I know you didn’t want people to know you were here.”

As she’d predicted, plenty of guests had noticed her presence and were openly staring.

“Yeah,” she said, looking a little uncomfortable. “But it’s been drawn to my attention today that maybe fading into the background isn’t the only option I have. That celebrity can have its uses. And…maybe wearing my ‘ignore me’ black dress on dates and expecting the worst isn’t always the best plan in the world.”

Miles smiled at that. “Oh? So what do you think might be the best plan for you?” he asked, all the while thinking, Me. I’m what’s best for you.

“Maybe…maybe using the fame I was born with to get something done—something that matters to me. Like helping kids who need it.” She met his gaze at that, and he heard all the things she wasn’t saying.

“Funny you should mention that actually,” he said. “We should definitely talk about that some more. I may even have a proposal for you along those lines.” One he’d never even imagined her going along with. But suddenly…all things seemed possible.

“I agree.” Haven grinned. “In fact, I was going to suggest… How do you feel about third chances?”

Miles felt his whole heart lift and lighten in his chest, as if filled with hope and air instead of blood and muscle.

“Like a third date? You and me?”

“A third chance to get it right,” Haven confirmed. “I mean, I know it’s two more than most people get but—”

“I’ve always thought that the third time was the charm,” Miles said.

And then he kissed her, knowing that even if the third date was a disaster, he’d keep trying until they got it right.

Because Haven Hapsgood was worth as many chances as it took.

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