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Reunited on Wedding Island

Written by Sophie Pembroke

Chapter Eight

The wedding was everything Miles had expected it to be—beautiful, tastefully extravagant, overly romantic, and boring as hell.

Maybe it would have been different if these were real friends of his getting married, rather than acquaintances he only knew because they lived the same rarefied existence as his sister—and himself, he supposed.

How had that happened? How had he and Gray risen so far from where they started?

He leaned back in his be-ribboned chair and watched as Valentina and Todd made their way back up the aisle, tied together for life—or until the divorce courts, if he was feeling really cynical.

And he was. Because he knew the answer to his question. He and Gray had made it out of that trailer park when so many hadn’t because of sheer desperation. If he’d stayed, he’d have died, probably at the hands of their stepfather. But even that wouldn’t have been as bad as what would have happened to Gray. What had already happened to Gray, before Miles found out.

She’d survived though, and so had he. And they’d run together in search of their second chances—something most of the kids they’d grown up with would never get.

But survival wasn’t success, and Miles knew a lot of that came down to luck. Luck and grit and a drive that people who’d had everything given to them on a plate could never understand. There hadn’t been another option for him and Gray. They’d had to succeed at something.

And they had. And they’d never let on how much that had cost them, or how far they’d travelled. Not the miles covered, but the Miles and the Gray they’d left behind them. The people they’d never be again.

That was what the people he worked with every day would never understand. What Haven, for instance, could never comprehend. He’d known that the minute he’d walked into that fancy restaurant on that blind date a year ago, and seen the daughter and sister of Hollywood’s most famous waiting for him.

He’d never given her a chance, he admitted now. But she’d only proved him right, too.

She’d been vacuous, he remembered, talking about the fabulous parties she got invited to, name-dropping every other sentence, going on and on about her brother—even though she had to know that Miles had just lost out on a big part to him.

She’d been awful.


Unless it had been an act. Unless she’d wanted him to believe that about her. Unless she’d not given him a chance to prove her assumptions wrong, either.

Because the woman he’d had dinner with that night was not the woman he’d seen dressing up as a mermaid, throwing herself over cliffs to catch a small boy, or even dancing with adoring kids.

That woman was one he’d have wanted to get to know.

And now he had a second chance.

Miles smiled. He knew how rarely second chances came around.

And how important it was to take them.

He wouldn’t miss this one.

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