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Reunited on Wedding Island

Written by Sophie Pembroke

Chapter Seven

"Was that the Miles Jackson I saw you talking with before?” Eddie leant in close to whisper his question, his seahorse costume getting in the way. He and Haven were stood behind the group of kids, all sat cross-legged on the giant outdoor floor cushions they’d set up for them.

“Might have been,” Haven whispered back, flashing a concerned glance at the children in case any of them were listening. But they were all engrossed in watching Wayne and Yasmin’s fantastically funny, fast, and absurd show taking place on the makeshift stage at the front. It had been hard enough shipping all their usual props and activities over to the island, but their usual stage had just been a step too far. Instead they were making do with a low platform provided by the hotel, decorated with as many sea-coloured scarves as they could find, a few native rocks for scenery, and a fabric backdrop held up by extendable poles. It was working, for now at least.

Fortunately, Valentina seemed to be one of those clients who cared more about how much fun the kids had than what the entertainment looked like it cost. That, Haven had discovered rapidly working in New York and LA, wasn’t always the case.

Not that Under the Sea Entertainment wasn’t earning a hefty fee from the wedding—not to mention the costs of getting them and all their stuff over to La Isla Marina in the first place.

Eddie gave a low whistle. “Miles Jackson. Valentina really does have anyone who is anyone here, doesn’t she? Did you hear that Jude Alexander is here? I mean, he’s been missing for weeks, and even he couldn’t miss being here for this wedding.”

“She’s the woman of the moment,” Haven said, as casually as she could manage.

She knew, all too well, that the moment didn’t always last. Not for everyone. It hadn’t for Isadora.

“So do you know him?” Eddie asked. “Miles Jackson, I mean? He did that film with your brother, didn’t he? Maybe you could introduce us?”

There was so much hope in Eddie’s voice that Haven couldn’t quite bring herself to say no. “I’ll see what I can do,” she said with a small smile, and Eddie grinned in response, before turning back to watch Yasmin somersaulting over Wayne’s crouched octopus figure, as if she really was swimming in the sea.

Normally, Haven would be watching the show too, or preparing the next activity for the kids, or doing something else work related. But instead, she found herself thinking about Miles.

Their date had got off to the worst possible start, and she’d made damn sure it didn’t have a chance to get any better from there. But he’d dived in to save a kid today, and Haven had to give him points for that.

For the first time since that awful dinner, she found herself considering the impossible.

What if she’d misread Miles Jackson after all?

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