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Reunited on Wedding Island

Written by Sophie Pembroke

Chapter Five

Well, he was just as arrogant as he’d been on their one, single, disastrous blind date, then. Haven wasn’t really surprised.

“Thank you,” she said, as sarcastically as she could manage. “But I’m sure Bentley and I would have been fine.”

Miles’s dark eyebrows jerked upwards, and an amused smile flashed across his lips at the little boy’s name. “I’m sure you would.”

He wasn’t sure at all, that much was obvious. But what did he know? He’d spent one evening with her, once. He didn’t know her at all. As far as he knew, she could have some special ninja training that meant she could do tricks far fancier than his “jumping to his feet from flat on his back” thing, and could save small children while simultaneously leaping tall buildings in a mermaid skirt.

Well, obviously she couldn’t. But he didn’t know that for sure.

Even if he clearly thought he did.

Hitching her mermaid skirt up just enough that she could stride away, Haven swept past him, chin tilted up. “If you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to work. And I believe you have a wedding to attend.” The dismissal was clear in her voice.

Miles didn’t take the hint. Clearly the man was incapable of understanding even the slightest subtlety.

“So, you’re here in a professional capacity?” he said, following her.

Haven could hear the doubt in his voice. She knew what people thought about her. What they said about her, for that matter. Sometimes, they didn’t even bother waiting to say it behind her back.

She was the hapless Hapsgood—the untalented one, unable to follow in her parents’ and brother’s acting footsteps. Not beautiful enough to be a model, not interesting enough to be a socialite, not even engaging enough to appear on some reality TV show. Nowhere near as cool as her sister, Isadora, had been.

She was just a nothing, coasting along in a world where everyone was striving to be Someone.

Of course, what none of them seemed to realise was that Haven didn’t want to be Someone.

She just wanted to be herself.

Miles dogged her footsteps as she stepped over the low fence they’d erected around the kids’ area. Automatically, she scanned the whole area, checking for problems, disasters waiting to happen, or kids that just needed heading off before they found some trouble to get into.

Yasmin, Eddie and Wayne had already got the kids settled back into their regularly scheduled activities quickly and calmly, and Haven gave mental thanks again for having a great staff on her side. All three of them were jobbing actors, waiting for their big breaks, but in the meantime they were absolutely invaluable to her fledgling business.

It probably helped that they were all big kids themselves, she thought, as Wayne, dressed as an octopus, balanced oranges on his nose, making a group of small girls giggle.

“You didn’t answer my question,” Miles said, from right beside her, almost making her jump. “You work for the kids’ entertainment company?”

Haven allowed herself a tiny, smug smile before she answered.

“I own the company.”

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