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Lost and Found Baby

Written by Hope White

Chapter Thirteen

“What do you want me to do?” Luke asked.

“Pull over,” Katy said.

“No, they’ll take Izzy,” Sara argued. “You promised you’d protect her.”

Katy reached across the car seat, where Izzy slept soundly, and placed a calming hand on Sara’s shoulder. “We will protect her. But getting into a high-speed chase would be dangerous, especially for Izzy, right?”

Sara nodded, but didn’t look so sure.

Luke pulled over and they waited.

It seemed to take longer than usual but then Katy wasn’t used to being on this side of a police stop. When the deputy approached the truck, Katy flashed her badge.

“Deputy Schiff,” she greeted, reading his name tag.

He aimed his flashlight into the back seat. Sara started coughing violently.

“Sara, what’s wrong?” Katy said.

Sara whipped open her door.

“Ma’am, get back in the vehicle,” Deputy Schiff ordered.

“I’m gonna be sick.” Sara stumbled across the two-lane highway and collapsed on her hands and knees near the bushes. She suddenly sprung up and sprinted into the forest.

“Sara!” Katy shouted.

“Stop!” the deputy ordered, taking chase.

Luke glanced over the seat at Katy. “She’s paranoid about cops.”

“Which could be why she left the baby with you.”

“Yeah, some protector.”

“We’re still alive, thanks to you.”

The sound of his heavy sigh filled the car.

“Luke?” she said.

His blue eyes studied her in the rearview mirror.

“I never blamed you for Steven’s death, nor should you blame yourself.”

Deputy Schiff returned to the truck and came around to her window. “How do you know that young woman?”

“She’s the baby’s mother. Someone is after the child and I’ve been ordered to keep her safe.”

“You should come to the station.”

And be a sitting duck? She got out of the car to speak with Schiff. “Look, my sergeant told me to stay off the radar. I’m following orders.”

He eyed her and then said, “Get the child to protective services. I need to find Sara Platt.”


“She’s wanted for armed robbery and assault.”

She didn’t correct Deputy Schiff about taking Isabella to Child Protective Services. Eventually they would go that route, but for now…

For now Luke and Katy could trust only each other. Ironic.

She got back into the truck and they headed north. Katy considered the charges against Sara and wondered if the young woman had been so desperate she’d committed a crime, or if this was part of a setup to find her and the baby.

“We need to identify Isabella’s father so we can avoid more land mines.” She shuddered at her own choice of words. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine. Actually, I’m expecting a call from Chris Gallagher. Remember him from high school?”


“He’s an IT genius. I texted, asking him to track down the father’s name on Isabella’s birth certificate.”

“Is that even legal? I’m a cop, remember?”

“Which is why I contacted him and you didn’t know about it, until now.” He winked.

His phone vibrated. He hit the speaker button. “Hey, Chris, you’ve got me and Katy Shepard. Did you find the name we’re looking for?”

“Uh…yeah. The name listed as the father on the birth certificate is Luke McKinnon.”

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About the author

I was born and raised in the midwest and migrated to the Pacific north...

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Hope White

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