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Lost and Found Baby

Written by Hope White

Chapter Eleven

“Hands up!” she ordered, aiming her gun at two men slugging it out on the floor.

Luke and Deputy Cooper.

“Shoot him!” Coop shouted.

Luke pinned Coop with a knee against his back and glanced at her. “He’s not one of the good guys.”

“He’s lying, Shepard!” There was something about Coop’s voice that set her instincts on alert.

Luke cuffed Deputy Cooper, pulled him to his feet and sat him at the kitchen table.

“Uncuff me!” Coop demanded.

“So you can grab the baby and take off?” Luke said.

“You are completely insane.”

“I know what I heard.”

“And I’ve heard plenty about you, McKinnon.”

“Lower your voices.” Katy said, not wanting them to wake the baby in the next room.

Luke glanced protectively toward the bedroom, then back at Katy. “He was giving someone our location and said he’d ‘take care of it.’”

Coop shook his head at Katy. “Do not let your ex-boyfriend mess with your head.”

“He’s not my—”

“Stop being an irrational female and uncuff me!” Coop interrupted.

Luke leaned back and said, “Did you really just say that?”

“Both of you, stop,” Katy ordered.

Name-calling and accusations were a distraction and dangerous considering a child’s life was at stake.

“Luke, if Coop was working for them, wouldn’t they also be here?”

She made a good point, but Luke knew what he’d heard.

“Who were you talking to on the phone?” Katy asked the deputy.

“Sergeant Griffy. Whalen’s in the hospital.”

Katy’s phone rang and she answered. “Hey, that was fast.”

As she spoke to the caller, Deputy Cooper glared at Luke. “When I get out of these cuffs…”

“Okay, thanks,” Katy said and pocketed her phone.

“Who was that?” Luke asked.

“You should not be sharing police business with him,” Cooper said.

“My priority is the safety of this child.”

“And you’re assuming mine isn’t?” the deputy countered.

“The baby is Sara Platt’s child.”

“What are you talking about?” Deputy Cooper snapped.

“The blanket the baby was found in was given to Sara Platt.”

“Who’s Sara Platt?” Luke asked.

“A twenty-year-old who disappeared last year. Deputy Cooper took the call, but didn’t file a missing-persons report for seventy-two hours.”

“I messed up. It happens,” Deputy Cooper said defiantly.

“Considering your history with the Platt case, I can’t risk trusting you right now.”

“But you’ll trust Rambo?” He nodded at Luke.

“Grab the diaper bag,” she said to Luke and went to get the child.

“I’m gonna lock you up for the rest of your life,” Coop threatened Luke.

But Luke was already in a prison of his own making.

Katy came back into the room holding the baby.

“Don’t be an idiot,” Cooper said.

“I’ll let Sergeant Griffy know where you are.”

They left the safe house, shutting the door on Cooper’s protests. Heading for the truck, a part of Luke hoped he was wrong about the deputy, and that his buddies weren’t stalking them from the bushes.


Luke and Katy turned to face a young woman aiming a gun at them. “Give me my baby back.”

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About the author

I was born and raised in the midwest and migrated to the Pacific north...

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Hope White

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