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Lost and Found Baby

Written by Hope White

Chapter Seven

Luke fisted his hands, but this time out of frustration, not anxiety.

The sergeant clicked the remote control, showing other images on the screen. The employee parking lot was empty except for a black truck and Katy’s cruiser.

“Here are my keys to the truck.” Sergeant Whalen handed them to her. “Take the baby to the safe house in Connor County. Wait there until you hear from me. Whatever you do, stay off the radar.”


“That’s an order, Shepard.”

Luke stood to go with her and the sergeant blocked him.

“I’d be dead if it weren’t for Luke,” Katy said.

With an abrupt nod, Sergeant Whalen motioned both of them into the hall. Gunfire echoed on the other side of the main door.

“Go!” he ordered.

Luke went outside, scanned the area and motioned for Katy. She handed him the baby and he climbed into the back seat of the sergeant’s truck. Skipper’s barks echoed across the parking lot. The mutt was safer back here than in the thick of it.

“I have to call Child Protective Services,” she whispered.

“You really think they can protect her?”

She didn’t answer.

Luke sensed she’d reached her limit of violent crises for the day and was struggling to process what was happening. Join the club.

They fled without incident and a few minutes later she made a call on speakerphone.

“What, another boring shift?” a female voice answered.

“I’ve got an emergency. I need a diaper bag with essentials, clothes for a three-month-old and food for a couple of days. Plus, a car seat.”

“Katy, what did you do?” the woman said.

“I’m protecting an abandoned baby. The less you know the better.”

“Where shall I meet you?”

“Leave it outside by the back door of the market. I could also use civilian clothes.”

“You got it. Give me fifteen minutes.

“Thanks.” Katy ended the call.

“Who was that?” Luke asked.

“A good friend. She and her husband run Garfield Market.”

“Wait, Leslie and Tim Garfield?”

She eyed him in the rearview mirror.

“Mom kept me in the loop.” Luke instinctively ducked when a dark SUV sped past them. He glanced out the back window.

“Where do you want me to drop you?” she asked.

“Drop me?”

“This is police business.”

“Someone left this baby in my kitchen. I’d say it’s my business.”

Her jaw clenched. She’d always been stubborn growing up, not wanting to lose an argument. But Luke had seen the softer side of her, as well.

“Why did Leslie ask ‘What did you do?’” Luke said.

“Probably thought I’d kidnapped a baby.”

“Why would she—”

“Wanting children was one of the things that destroyed my marriage. You would have known that if you hadn’t disappeared on me.”

He sensed she hadn’t meant to say that last part.

“We need to focus on keeping this child safe,” she said.

The beam of headlights lit the car through the back window. The SUV was speeding toward them.

“Hold on to that baby,” Katy said.

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About the author

I was born and raised in the midwest and migrated to the Pacific north...

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Hope White

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