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The Sheikh’s Christmas Proposal

Written by Abby Green

Chapter Twelve

Cassidy’s mouth trembled. Riad hadn’t kissed her there yet but it was already plumped as if just waiting to mate with his. She said, ‘Damn you, Riad. Just because you can exploit my weakness for you does not mean you’ve won.’

Riad felt incredibly bleak for a moment. To negate it and quiet the thoughts in his head, he led Cassidy down the aisle and into the plane’s luxurious bedroom, where they’d been many times before.

Cassidy hated herself for following him. She knew that if she resisted Riad, he would stop immediately. The problem was that he knew her too well. Knew how much she wanted him. Knew just where to touch her to make her lose her mind.

Her words had incited something in him, but as much as she liked to think she’d affected him on some emotional level, she knew it was just the alpha male in him who hated the thought that she was ready to walk away before he was. Ready, ha! She’d never be ready. That was the problem.

So when Riad laid her down on the bed now and started to take off his clothes, she told herself weakly that she was storing up memories for when she would walk away—as soon as this plane landed. Nothing would stop her then.


When Cassidy woke, she felt totally disorientated. There was a pink light streaming in through the windows—dawn. And slowly, Cassidy realised that they were still on the plane, obviously chasing the dawn back into Europe.

She ached all over, but pleasurably. There had been an intensity to Riad’s lovemaking that had shocked her and enflamed her.

Thankfully, he wasn’t here in the bedroom right now to watch her reaction. She could imagine his mocking look very well, and it would be like salt to the wound.

How ineffectual was she? She’d told him it was over, and he’d hardly had to touch her before he’d been making a total mockery of her words. Demonstrating how easily he could manipulate her.

Cassidy escaped into the shower so she could try to restore some order to her thoroughly disheveled appearance. When she’d dressed in comfy jeans and a plain silk top, she took a breath before going into the main cabin, mentally praying that they were close to Geneva by now.

But just as she was about to open the door, she stopped and went still. She could have sworn she’d heard a laugh…a childish laugh. And whispers close to the door, and Riad’s voice saying firmly, ‘Let her sleep, you little monkey.’

Heart palpitating in her chest, Cassidy opened the door abruptly and shock slammed into her whole body when she looked down into the exact same dark eyes as Riad’s…except these were in an infinitely younger and prettier face. Surrounded by long, dark hair. Impish features. Cassidy had the fleeting and totally random thought that this didn’t look like a child who had been crying down the phone only hours before.

Hours. She looked at Riad, whose face was expressionless, and croaked out, ‘Where are we?’

‘We’re halfway between Geneva and Paris.’

Mortification drenched Cassidy. His lovemaking had been so intense he’d sent her into a coma.

Riad’s voice exhibited no discernible emotion. ‘Cass, I’d like you to meet my daughter, Elise. Elise, this is Cassidy.’

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About the author

I spent my teens reading (devouring) Mills & Boon romances. After ...

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Abby Green

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