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The Navy SEAL Affair

Written by Carol Ericson

Chapter Three

As the drunk German cinched her wrist with his fingers, Lauren slid a glance from the corner of her eye at Shane, sharing a drink with his supermodel date.

She gritted her teeth, willing Shane to stay seated and keep out of this. He did just that, and she silently chided herself for thinking the hotshot navy SEAL would come to her rescue.

The eyes of the man gripping her arm bugged out of their sockets and he released her as a coughing fit racked his body.

As Lauren rubbed her wrist, a light-haired man, a faint smile playing about his lips, sidled up beside her attacker. He draped an arm around his shoulder. “I think you’ve had enough. Hasn’t he, Jürgen?”

The bartender, his eyes wide, nodded. “Absolutely, Mr. Becker. You, out, or I’ll call the Polizei.”

The drunk, holding his side and still wheezing, backed up, his gaze pinned to her savior, the impeccably dressed Mr. Becker.

As he stumbled out the front door, Lauren turned to her German knight. “Thank you so much. What did you do to him?”

He shrugged a pair of broad shoulders encased in the most exquisite suit jacket she’d ever seen. “I drilled him in the small of the back with my knuckle—a little trick my uncle taught me.”

“That little trick worked like a charm.” Lauren glanced at the man’s hands, his long fingers now drumming the surface of the bar.

“Now that one of my countrymen embarrassed me and brought shame to all German men, allow me to buy you ladies a round of drinks.”

Astrid nudged Lauren in the back, with not quite the same force as Mr. Becker had taken care of the drunk, and told the man in their shared language that he didn’t owe any apologies to her but she’d take the drink anyway.

Becker tilted back his head and laughed. “My pleasure. Jürgen, whatever they were having and I’ll have my regular.”

Lauren stuck out her hand. “Laur…Lori, and this is my friend Astrid.”

He clasped Astrid’s hand first and then took Lauren’s. His blue eyes seemed to contain a small flame in their depths as he squeezed her hand. “Matt Becker.”

His eyes hypnotized her, and a silly smile hovered around her mouth as she continued to gaze into them, trying to figure out if that yellow sunburst around his pupils made his eyes more green than blue.

She didn’t realize he still had possession of her hand until he raised it to his lips and kissed her knuckles. A flash of heat claimed her body, causing her nipples to tingle and a throbbing ache to pool between her thighs.

Could you have an orgasm looking into someone’s eyes and having your hand kissed? Matt’s lips moved from one knuckle to the next and Lauren decided she preferred this kind of attention to her knuckles over the silly fist bump Shane had offered her earlier on the rooftop.

Shane. For a few minutes, she’d forgotten his existence over there with the stunning blonde. Now she hoped he could see this charming man treating her like a woman instead of a sexless CIA drone.

With a shrug, Astrid had returned to her conversation with the doctor, leaving Matt Becker all to Lauren.

“The best Scotch in the house, Mr. Becker.”

When Jürgen placed their drinks on the bar, Matt blinked and released Lauren’s hand. “I’m sorry. I…”

He curled his long, tapered fingers around his glass and took a swig. “I’m as bad as that oaf I chased off.”

Lauren watched his expressive, almost artistic fingers tap the glass with the amber liquid, and she actually shivered as she imagined them playing across her flesh.

He raised his hand to stroke his golden beard, and her gaze tracked the movement, resting on his lips. She couldn’t seem to shake this dreamlike state that had descended on her the minute she’d looked into those blue eyes.

Matt took the only action a man could take when a woman was staring at his mouth…and Lauren knew it. He leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers.

Although it felt like the most organic maneuver ever, the kiss zapped Lauren back to consciousness. She put her fingers to her lips where a warm pulse throbbed. “I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry.” Matt ran a hand through his wavy blond hair. “I don’t know why I did that.”

Pressing her hands to her face, Lauren said, “B-because I practically invited you to. I’m usually not this forward. I think it’s because of the heat of the moment—that man making lewd comments to me and grabbing my wrist and you…you coming to my rescue.”

“He was making lewd comments and expected to impress a woman like you that way?” Matt raised one eyebrow. “He clearly doesn’t know how to treat a woman.”

Lauren flipped her loose hair over her shoulder and caught sight of Shane hunched toward the blonde, engrossed in conversation. Shane West clearly didn’t know how to treat a woman, either, at least not this woman. She’d had enough of men viewing her as the smart nerd, picking her brain and ignoring her body.

She did have a body and that body had needs just like any other woman’s. Her ex-boyfriend Charlie had always praised her intelligence, had always dismissed the bimbos, as he called them, the empty-headed beauties who’d started fluttering around him once he’d sold his first software company and made his first billion.

Had always dismissed them until the time Lauren had come home early from work and found him in bed with not one, but two of them.

But you’re not like them, Lauren, he’d pleaded with her. You’re better than they are. We connect on a much higher level.

Charlie had actually believed they could continue their higher level relationship together while he occasionally indulged in his baser needs.

What about her baser needs? Charlie had never even tried to discover what pleased her. Hell, she didn’t even know that herself.

She focused on the Norse god in front of her. Until now.

Matt touched her cheek. “You look sad. Did he make you sad? Do I?”

Lauren rubbed her tingling nose. “You make me nervous.”

“I do?” He put his hand on the arm of a cocktail waitress returning to the bar. “Margot, does Lori here have any reason to be nervous around me?”

“Not if rich, generous, sexy and chivalrous men make her nervous.” Margot jerked her thumb toward Matt. “This man is the best, but he does seem a little too busy to have a woman in his life.”

“Shh. Too much information, Margot.” Matt took Lauren’s hand. “You see, except for that busy part, you have nothing to fear.”

“What I fear is right here.” Lauren pressed a hand to her belly. She’d vowed to change, to become a different woman once she’d shed Charlie and embarked on this overseas adventure, and that meant expressing herself, exploring her opportunities. “I fear these butterflies in my stomach every time you look at me, every time I feel your lips on some part of me.”

Matt’s white teeth gleamed from his beard. “I’m glad I’m not the only one.”

Astrid tapped her on the shoulder. “Will and I are going to head out to a club with a little more action. Do you want to come or…?”

“I—I think…” Lauren bit her bottom lip. She didn’t want to speak for Matt, didn’t want to assume too much.

“We’re going to stay here.” Matt rubbed a circle on her back, and she wriggled in pleasure. “If that’s okay with you, Lori?”

Astrid arched her brows at the name change, then drew in Lauren for a quick hug and a whisper. “Be careful…but not too careful.”

“Have fun.” Lauren waved at Astrid and Will, while taking a quick glance at Shane’s table. He and the blonde had left and good riddance. If he could have a woman in every port, she could have a man in every port.

And what a man. She turned away from Shane’s empty table and bestowed a big smile on Matt. Matt had just the right combination of authority and gentlemanly concern for her sensibilities.

To prove that point, he brushed a lock of hair from her face and said, “I hope that wasn’t too forward of me. I sensed you wanted to stay, and I, of course, never want to let you out of my sight.”

She parted her lips and Matt kissed the sigh from her mouth as he cupped the side of her face with his palm.

They couldn’t keep their hands off each other after that and spent the next two hours until closing time chatting and touching and toying and teasing.

By the time Jürgen interrupted their dream with a rap of his knuckles on the bar and few words about closing time, Lauren would’ve followed Matt anywhere.

He leaned in close and touched her earlobe with his lips. “Would you like to come back to my hotel with me?”

She nodded and the dream resumed.

Matt settled up their bill and took her hand as they walked outside. A black sedan appeared as if by magic and a driver jumped out of the car and opened the back door for them.

As Lauren slid into the back seat, she caught a glimpse of a man lurking near a light post, the yellow glow illuminating his strong profile. He was slouching, making him several inches shorter, but Lauren could pick out Shane West anytime, anywhere.

A smile curved her lips as Matt joined her in the back seat and ran his hand up her thigh.

So Shane knew she’d left with Matt, but why did he care?

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