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Seducing His Shy Cinderella

Written by Michelle Smart

Chapter Twenty


Jodie’s protests were cut off by Antonio pulling her back into his arms and silencing her with his kiss.

“Very macho.” She laughed into his mouth.

“I like to think so.” Then he kissed her again, and she forgot what she was protesting about.


They looked up at the same time to see a shiny bald head and a mouth full of crooked teeth grinning down at them. Then came another head. This one was Jodie’s aunt, who took one look at the embracing couple and blinked in obvious shock.

Ten minutes later they were free.


“My apologies, Serena, but I’m taking your niece home,” Antonio said when they were back in the corridor. “If Pieta gives you any trouble for it, tell him I’ve kidnapped her. If he sacks you, I’ll give you a job. After all, we’re going to be family now.”

Jodie had to laugh to see her aunt’s perplexed expression.

“We’re getting married,” Jodie explained, gleeful bliss radiating from her voice.

“Married?” her aunt asked blankly.

“Please excuse us,” Antonio cut in cheerfully. “I’m scared that if I let her loose she’ll hide away again.”

Comprehension dawned on Serena’s face. “You two are really getting married?”

Assolutamente, and I’m not letting her out of my sight until my ring is on her finger.” Then he let go of Jodie’s hand to take Serena’s shoulders and plant an enormous kiss on both her cheeks.

After he’d let her go, he turned back to Jodie and held out his hand. “Ready to go?”

The message in his eyes was implicit. If she was having second thoughts, now was the time to say. If what they’d just shared – again – had been Jodie getting carried away with the moment, then she should say so now.

She smiled and took his hand. “Yes. I’m ready to go.”

They headed into the stateroom so Antonio could make his apologies to Ramona for abandoning her. As Ramona was happily chatting to Francesca Pellegrini, she wasn’t the slightest bit put out.

Jodie wondered who among the other guests there would be invited to her wedding. Her wedding!

She supposed Antonio would want to invite the Pellegrinis. She hoped Francesca and Daniele could both make it and their cousin Matteo, who was in attendance that night, too. They all carried an air of sophisticated fun around them, unlike Pieta. For a man revered as a modern deity, she’d found Pieta rather unfeeling, not at all like her beloved Antonio, who radiated warmth.

In truth, she didn’t care who came to her wedding other than their families.

Hands clasped tightly together, they left the castello and walked into a future with much uncertainty but plentiful confidence that they would be together for the rest of their lives.

The End

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Michelle Smart

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