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Seducing His Shy Cinderella

Written by Michelle Smart

Chapter Eleven

Had she got everything wrong? Was it possible Antonio saw her as more than a brief flirtation to while the time away?

Was it possible his feelings were as strong as hers?

Because Jodie had fallen in love with him. She’d known that when she’d snatched her last look at his sleeping figure before closing his bedroom door, her heart tearing itself into shreds as she whispered her silent goodbye to him.

All week she’d asked herself the same question over and over. How could she have fallen in love with him after just one night? She’d found no answers. All she knew for certain was that the feelings he evoked in her were the feelings she’d spent her entire life waiting for.

But if he saw her as anything more than a one-night lover, he would have called her.

He hadn’t called or messaged or made any attempt to see her.

His silence had spoken volumes.

Not bothering to fill the last few empty spaces in the trolley, she turned it round, clinging to the handle as if it were a life raft. In a way it was. It was all that was keeping her upright.

“Are you ready to go up with that?”

She blinked. She’d thought he’d gone, but Antonio stood at the door that opened to the stairs, his jaw clenched.

She nodded.

“I’ll get the elevator for you.”

Not waiting for her to respond, he stepped to the right and slammed his hand on the silver button that called the elevator down.

She approached it cautiously, expecting him to turn away and go up the stairs. The sound of the elevator making its descent seemed louder than normal. She doubted the links and pulleys that made it work had been oiled recently.

It stopped with a shudder that perfectly matched the shudders of her heart.

The elevator had a manual door that required a lot of force to open it. Jodie had strained a muscle the first time she’d tried. Antonio opened it without so much as murmur then held it in place while she manoeuvred the trolley inside. Only when she had the trolley secured to the left wall using the strap provided to keep it steady did he step in himself and close the door.

“Thank you,” she murmured.

He didn’t answer, just stabbed at the silver button inside to get it moving.

The darkness of his mood engulfed the space, an impermeable wall built between them.

With a jolt and a screech, the elevator began its slow crawl up to thecastello’s ground floor.

It was only one floor, but the elevator went so slowly it might have been thirty.

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly, her conscience getting the better of her good sense. “I didn’t mean to imply anything about you and your friend’s wife. My words were thoughtless.”

He shrugged, and his eyes flickered to her. Just as she thought he was going to say something and help diffuse this awful, torrid atmosphere, the elevator jerked to a stop.

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Michelle Smart

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