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Seducing His Shy Cinderella

Written by Michelle Smart

Chapter Six

Before she’d crept out of Antonio’s bed, Jodie had stared at his handsome sleeping face, resisting the urge to trace her fingers over the chiselled jawline, simply committing his features to memory. It had been best to leave then, before he woke up and made excuses as to why he could never see her again.

She’d told her aunt that same night that she’d had a change of heart and would be going home to England, though she’d promised to stay and help with all the myriad arrangements needed for the party. If not for the guilt she knew she would have suffered if she’d just up and gone and left her wonderful aunt in the lurch at such an important time for her, Jodie would have packed and left immediately. Loyalty to her aunt had her here now waitressing. Jealousy had her wanting to smash the tray she now held onto the floor all over again.

She’d never experienced jealousy before. And she’d never wanted to throw herself at a man’s feet and beg him to see her as more than a one-night stand.

But then, she’d never had a one-night stand before. Jodie believed in love and romance and had always thought that if she kept an open heart and an open mind, one day she would find it for herself.

She’d never dreamt she would find it with a Casanova. For all her romantic dreams, she’d believed herself too sensible for that.

She’d always been the sensible one. All she’d wanted was to find a nice, steady guy she could love and could trust to be loyal and faithful to her, not like her poor, flighty sister, Jessica, who careered from one disastrous relationship to the next.

But the heart wanted what the heart wanted. It overrode the rational brain and yearned for things that could never be.

Unable to stop her eyes flickering in Antonio’s direction again, she noticed his glass was almost empty. He would be wanting a fresh drink any minute…

Her legs moved before she could stop them. Her tray still had a couple of full flutes, but she didn’t care. She couldn’t bear for him to take them, one for him and one for his new flirtation. That would be too much. Too cruel.

Instead she headed to the room where all the drinks were laid out, but before she could step through the door, Serena reached her.

“What’s the matter with you?” she asked in an undertone.

“Nothing. I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine. Please, Jodie, I know waitressing isn’t your thing, but can you at least try to smile?”

“I have been trying.”

“I know you have. Could you try to make the smiles natural?”

Jodie attempted to relax her facial muscles and then curve her lips upwards. “Better?”

Her aunt shook her head and sighed. “When are you going to tell me what’s wrong with you?”

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Michelle Smart

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