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Seducing His Shy Cinderella

Written by Michelle Smart

Chapter Three

A decade older and a foot taller than her, Antonio oozed sexual magnetism, his black hair and dark brown eyes contrasting perfectly with her own light blond hair and blue eyes. She’d never had such a visceral reaction to a man in her life and imagined other women reacted in exactly the same way. Even her happily married aunt had a twinkle in her eye around him. That initial meeting had gone on long into the evening, as he’d insisted on taking Jodie and her aunt out to dinner.

He’d overseen his company’s part in the renovation personally from that point on and had pursued Jodie relentlessly, always seeking her out, making no bones about his interest in her. She’d been flattered but resolute.

Antonio Cavalli was rich and handsome. She was poor and plain. He was thirty-three and a playboy. She was twenty-two and had self-respect, even if her heart did go into overdrive whenever she was within a mile of him. She couldn’t deny she’d been flattered by his attention. More than flattered. Any woman would have been. That didn’t mean she had to act on her attraction to him.

Eventually, though, he’d worn her down into agreeing to a proper date. She’d gone along with it, telling herself she wouldn’t sleep with him. No matter how incredibly sexy and fun and witty she found him, she would not sleep with him.

She’d slept with him.

One press of his lips to hers, one taste of his heat, and her defences had crumbled.

It had been the most amazing night of her life, but then the morning had come and she’d been filled with shame. She’d never thought herself capable of a one-night stand but knew it was all it could be. Antonio was a famed lothario! So she had run before he could kick her out of his bed, and she’d tried to block him and their wonderful, incredible night from her mind.

That had been another dismal failure.

She could feel his eyes on her again, could feel everyone’s eyes upon her. The stateroom that only minutes ago had been majestic in its proportions had shrunk around her, the voices nothing but muffled noise.

“Go and change your blouse,” her aunt said quietly, as if she could sense Jodie was on the verge of bursting into tears. “I’ll get some of the others to clean up.”

Jodie nodded and gave a grateful smile then, her cheeks still flaming with mortification. She stepped over the tray and crunched through the shattered glass as she walked as fast as she could out of the room and away from Antonio.

The staff storeroom was the perfect place to hide for a few minutes. Jodie changed into a clean blouse and used the private time to catch her breath and compose herself.

The dropped tray had been an accident. There were still hours of the party to get through, and she couldn’t hide in here for the rest of the night. She was needed. She would just have to try harder not to let Antonio’s presence distract her. He was there and she had to deal with it. And with the fact he’d brought a date with him.

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Michelle Smart

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