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The Wedding Secret

Written by Kianna Alexander

Chapter Fourteen

Renata lay across her bed, feeling like crap. It had been three days since she’d broken the news of her pregnancy to Amir. She was very early in the pregnancy, as her doctor had confirmed at her appointment yesterday. Today, morning sickness had set in and was currently kicking her butt. She couldn’t remember feeling a sense of general malaise like this before. Her head ached, her breasts were tender and she didn’t even want to think about food, let alone eat.

Mindful of her doctor’s advice, she rolled from her back onto her left side. The doctor had said her positioning might help quell her nausea. It also gave her a view of outside, through her bedroom window. She’d opened the blinds to let the sunlight stream through her sheers. The overcast day matched her mood. Sighing, she placed a hand to her throbbing temple.

As the throbbing began to subside, she thought about her situation. If she’d had any doubt in the validity of the home pregnancy test before, she didn’t any longer. Even without the doctor’s confirmation, the way she felt physically would have told her the truth. She was carrying Amir’s baby, no matter how much of an inconvenience that might be for either of them.

She thought of him then, and the way he’d reacted to the news. He’d been so stiff and stoic when she told him, his face an expressionless mask. The way he’d taken her card, then turned and walked out without another word had left her bereft. What had he been thinking? Was he angry? Frustrated? Disgusted? She had no way of knowing until they spoke again, but she had no idea when, or if, that would happen.

Her own childhood memories were sweet. Though she was an only child of an emergency physician and a podiatrist, her parents had given her plenty of love and support. They’d provided a stable home for her, taken her on yearly vacations and allowed her to pursue her love of the visual arts. Even though her career choice didn’t jibe with their ideals, they’d accepted their daughter as she was. Moreover, their love for each other had shown Renata what it meant to be in love. She wanted someone who loved and cherished her, the way her father did her mother.

Could I have that with Amir? Given the circumstances, she thought that fantasy was far out of reach. It was only supposed to be one night of fun. Hadn’t they agreed to no entanglements? She’d told him about the breakup she’d just suffered, and who knew what past relationship baggage he harbored? There must be something that made him so gun-shy about commitment.

Sighing, Renata resigned herself to whatever came next for her. She could only hope that Amir would want to be a part of the baby’s life. However things turned out, she wouldn’t try to insert herself into his world. If he wanted her, it would have to be his decision.

She needed some perspective on this. Grabbing her cell phone, she dialed her mother’s number.

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