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The Wedding Secret

Written by Kianna Alexander

Chapter Seven

Renata released a soft sigh as Amir pulled her close. Somehow, it felt natural to have him holding her. She internally chastised herself for that outrageous thought, but then stopped herself. They’d agreed to remain on a first-name basis, hadn’t they? There were no strings, no commitments. So why shouldn’t she enjoy herself?

She noticed the way he left a respectable distance between them. A sliver of space separated them, and she could sense his efforts to keep it that way as he gently guided her around the dance floor. Knowing that he respected her enough to not get too close made her smile. There seemed to be no end to this man’s endearing qualities.

The song went into its second verse, with Aaron Hall’s passionate vocals reverberating through the ballroom. The lyrics brought her feelings to the surface, reducing her ability to fight off her attraction to the man whose strong arms were draped around her waist. While she appreciated him being such a gentleman, she craved physical connection with him. Looking up into his dazzling eyes, she closed the distance between them, pressing her chest against his and wrapping her arms around his neck. It was a stretch, due to the height difference. But as their bodies met, she knew it was worth the effort.

A surprised smile graced his handsome face. “So, it’s like that?”

“Yes.” She leaned her cheek against the hard wall of his chest, inhaling the glorious scent of him.

He obliged her, increasing his grip on her waist.

Flush with him now, she could feel every muscled inch of his body, even through the layers of fabric that separated them. Feeling the hard lines of him pressed so close against the softness of her own body did something to her. It made her feel bold, reckless. He looked incredible in the dark suit and tie he wore as part of the wedding party, but parts of her wanted to see what he looked like without it.

When the song ended, and a mid-tempo track started, she found that she didn’t want to let him go. A few seconds went by, with her clinging to him, before he took a small step back.

“Renata?” He looked down at her, his gaze full of questions.

“Sorry. Guess I got a little carried away.” Embarrassment heated her cheeks and she dropped her gaze.

He crooked his finger beneath her chin. “Baby, if you want to really get ‘carried away,’ just say the word.”

Her eyes widened. “Do you mean…” She didn’t finish, but she didn’t have to.

He nodded. “Whatever you want.”

They watched each other for a few long moments, other dancers on the floor swirling around them. But she barely noticed them.

Should she take what he was offering? Heaven help her, she wanted this man, good sense and caution be damned.

A commotion pulled her attention to the doorway. The newlyweds were leaving.

Once the newly wedded couple disappeared, Amir touched her arm.

“What do you want, Renata?”

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