DARE: Sexy. Passionate. Bold
DARE: Sexy. Passionate. Bold

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JC Harroway!

JC HarrowayOur hot new series DARE is our sexiest ever series. Stories will feature strong, empowered women who know what they want – in and out of the bedroom. We had a chat with JC Harroway to find out more…

A Week To Be Wild is a hot read! Have you always written sexy storylines, or was this your first?
No, it’s not my first rodeo… I have four other books published, which have their steamy moments. But writing for DARE took things to the next level in that the stories have the seductive escapism of glamorous settings but the strong female leads face very real problems and issues, all while owning their sexuality and chasing what they want in life. What’s not to love?


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A Week To Be Wild

A Week to be Wild“His words, so intoxicating, wrapped themselves around her, a warm cradle. She fought the urge to succumb to them, to blurt her every wish, every fear, her very soul out to him. But she pulled back, forcing herself to stay in command, of herself and the heady situation. If she couldn't have what she wanted, she'd have what she needed right now. And that was Alex.

“He'd agreed to play this game by her rules. The fine line of control and concession a greased tightrope under her feet. But if he intended to push her out of her comfort zone with dare-devil pursuits, she’d push back. Force his natural alpha tendencies into submission. See how far she could take him before he snapped.”

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