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Target: Timberline

Army Ranger Redemption Army Ranger Redemption: Army Ranger Redemption / Kentucky Confidential Sudden Second Chance

SEAL of My Own

Navy Seal To Die For Navy Seal Captive Navy Seal Survival

Faces of Evil

Still Waters Still Waters: Still Waters / Navy Seal to Die For Dark Whispers

Campbell Cove Academy

Kentucky Confidential

The Brothers of Hastings Ridge Ranch

Cowboy Cavalry Cowboy Cavalry: Cowboy Cavalry / Dust Up with the Detective Cowboy Secrets

Big 'D' Dads: The Daltons

Trumped Up Charges Ambush At Dry Gulch

Conard County: The Next Generation

Conard County Marine An Unlikely Daddy Conard County Spy

Orion Security

Suspicious Activities Be On The Lookout: Bodyguard Full Force Fatherhood

Cattlemen Crime Club

Delivering Justice Delivering Justice: Delivering Justice / Sudden Second Chance Stockyard Snatching

Appaloosa Pass Ranch

Laying Down The Law Laying Down The Law: Laying Down the Law / Dark Whispers Six-Gun Showdown

Marshland Justice

Hostage Negotiation Hostage Negotiation: Hostage Negotiation / Suspicious Activities Deep Cover Detective

Texas Rangers: Elite Troop

Hard Core Law Gunslinger Shotgun Justice

The Men of Search Team Seven

Lawman On The Hunt Colorado Crime Scene

Omega Sector: Critical Response

Man Of Action Armoured Attraction Fully Committed

The Heroes of Horseshoe Creek

Warrior Son Roping Ray Mccullen Roping Ray Mccullen: Roping Ray McCullen / Urgent Pursuit

Apache Protectors

Native Born Tribal Law Hunter Moon

Cavanaugh Justice

Cavanaugh Cold Case Cavanaugh Or Death How to Seduce a Cavanaugh

To Protect and Serve

A Seal To Save Her Her Master Defender Joint Engagement

The Precinct: Bachelors in Blue

Apb: Baby

Return to Ravesville

Urgent Pursuit Agent Bride Hidden Witness

The Battling McGuire Boys

Allegiances Deceptions Reckonings

Colby Agency: Family Secrets

Heavy Artillery Husband Gunning For The Groom Gunning For The Groom: Gunning for the Groom / Shotgun Justice

Mason Ridge

Texan's Baby Texan's Baby: Texan's Baby / Full Force Fatherhood Texas Hunt

The Gates: Most Wanted

Stranger In Cold Creek Blue Ridge Ricochet Smoky Mountain Setup

Cardwell Cousins

Reunion At Cardwell Ranch Reunion At Cardwell Ranch: Reunion at Cardwell Ranch / Smoky Mountain Setup Deliverance at Cardwell Ranch

Conspiracy Against the Crown

Guarding His Royal Bride The Secret King The Secret King

The Precinct: Cold Case

Kansas City Confessions Kansas City Secrets Kansas City Secrets: Kansas City Secrets / The Pregnancy Plot

The Specialists: Heroes Next Door

Her Undercover Defender To Honour And To Protect To Honour And To Protect: To Honour and to Protect / Navy SEAL Newlywed

Brothers in Arms: Retribution

Secret Agent Santa Secret Agent Santa: Secret Agent Santa / Her Undercover Defender Navy Seal Spy

Covert Cowboys, Inc.

Clandestine Christmas Clandestine Christmas: Clandestine Christmas / Hidden Witness High Country Hideout

Special Agents at the Altar

The Agent's Redemption The Agent's Redemption: The Agent's Redemption / Texas Takedown Agent to the Rescue

The Ranger Brigade

Black Canyon Conspiracy Colorado Bodyguard Lawman Protection

Corcoran Team: Bulletproof Bachelors

Tamed Tamed: Tamed / Colorado Bodyguard Sheltered

Top Secret Deliveries

Baby Trouble: The Spy's Secret Family / Operation Baby Rescue / Cowboy's Triplet Trouble His Secret Baby: The Agent's Secret Baby / The Cowboy's Secret Twins / The Soldier's Secret Daughter Cowboy's Triplet Trouble

Sweetwater Ranch

A Lawman's Justice A Lawman's Justice: A Lawman's Justice / Lock, Stock and McCullen Surrendering to the Sheriff

Omega Sector

Leverage Untraceable Countermeasures

Bayou Bonne Chance

Security Breach Under Suspicion

The Gates

Two Souls Hollow Killshadow Road Deception Lake

Big “D” Dads: The Daltons

Showdown at Shadow Junction Midnight Rider Hard Ride to Dry Gulch

The Lawmen

SWAT Secret Admirer Seduced by the Sniper Disarming Detective

West Texas Watchmen

The Ranger The Cattleman The Sheriff

The Campbells of Creek Bend

Hard Target Gut Instinct Witness Protection

Copper Canyon

Eagle's Last Stand Undercover Warrior Secrets of the Lynx

The Precinct

Crossfire Christmas KCPD Protector Baby Jane Doe

The Specialists

The Hunk Next Door Guardian of the Night

Brody Law

The Hill The Wharf The Bridge

The Men from Crow Hollow

Trapped Stalked Hunted

The Coltons: Family First

The Coltons: Fisher, Ryder & Quinn: Soldier's Secret Child / Baby's Watch / A Hero of Her Own The Coltons: Nick, Clay & Jericho The Coltons: Nick, Clay & Jericho: Colton's Secret Service / Rancher's Redemption / The Sheriff's Amnesiac Bride

Shadow Agents: Guts and Glory

Way of the Shadows Evidence of Passion The Girl Next Door

Shotgun Weddings

Bridegroom Bodyguard

The Delancey Dynasty

Blood Ties in Chef Voleur Sanctuary in Chef Voleur Gone

The Rescuers

Stranded Shattered

The Legacy

Montana Refuge Undercover Memories

Texas Family Reckoning

The Renegade Rancher


Bayou Bodyguard Keeping Watch Mystery Lover

The Precinct: Task Force

Assumed Identity Tactical Advantage Yuletide Protector

The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch

Josh Gage Mason

Bitterwood P.D.

The Legend of Smuggler's Cave The Secret of Cherokee Cove Blood on Copperhead Trail

Corcoran Team

Relentless Ruthless Fearless


Diagnosis: Attraction Bridal Jeopardy Sudden Attraction

Guardian Angel Investigations: Lost and Found

The Missing Twin Her Stolen Son

Cowboys Royale

The Black Sheep Sheik Brandishing a Crown By Order of the Prince

Cooper Security

Secret Assignment Secret Intentions Secret Keeper


Relentless Protector Her Cowboy Defender Strangers in the Night

Mystery Men

The Big Guns Gunning for Trouble Guns and the Girl Next Door


Dead Reckoning Finders Keepers Hell on Heels

Safe House: Mesa Verde

Compromised Security Protective Confinement

Midnight Secrets

The Perfect Stranger Sins Of The Storm A Little Bit Guilty

Code of the Cobra

Bounty Hunter Honor Bounty Hunter Ransom

Bodyguards Unlimited, Denver, CO

Special Assignment

Hidden Passions

Attempted Matrimony

Shotgun Sallys

Lawful Engagement Legally Binding Out For Justice

Cowboy Cops

Behind The Shield Denim Detective Official Duty

The Silver Star of Texas

Six-Gun Investigation Justice for a Ranger

The Doctors Pulaski

In His Protective Custody The Doctor's Guardian Secret Agent Affair

Redstone, Incorporated

Dark Reunion Redstone Ever After The Best Revenge

Miami Confidential

Automatic Proposal Bridal Op Covert Makeover

Hidden Passions: Full Moon Madness

As Darkness Fell Just Before Dawn

43 Light Street

From the Shadows Intimate Strangers Out of Nowhere

Wingmen Warriors

Fully Engaged Out of Uniform

The Taken

Memory Of Murder Danger Signals

The McKenna Legacy

Cowboy Protector Deal Breaker Purebred


A Dangerous Inheritance A Rose At Midnight Beneath the Texas Moon

Colorado Confidential

Cheyenne Wife Covert Cowboy Rocky Mountain Marriage

The Seekers

Eye Of A Hunter Heart Of A Hunter Mask Of A Hunter

Top Secret Babies

Claiming His Family Heir to Secret Memories Not-So-Secret Baby

Brotherhood of Warriors

The Shadow Navajo Courage Stargazer's Woman

Skye Brother Babies

Bodyguard Father The Lawman's Secret Son

Fear Familiar

Familiar Double Familiar Escape Familiar Texas

Guardian Angel Investigations

Unbreakable Bond His Secret Christmas Baby Silent Night Sanctuary

Mission: Family

House Of Secrets

Matchmakers Underground

Matters of Seduction

The Medusa Project

Medusa Rising

Code Name: Danger

Devlin and the Deep Blue Sea Diamonds Can Be Deadly Double Deception

Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab

Bear Claw Lawman Bear Claw Bodyguard At Close Range

Flesh and Blood

Red Thunder Reckoning Remembering Red Thunder

Dead Ringer

Duplicate Daughter My Sister, Myself

Spy Games

Perfect Assassin Undercover Nightingale Merrick's Eleventh Hour

Brides for Brothers

Randall On The Run Randall Renegade

The Enforcers

John Doe on Her Doorstep Man of her Dreams

Chicago Confidential

Not on His Watch Prince Under Cover

Safe Haven

Operation: Midnight Tango

Brothers in Arms

Green Beret Bodyguard Mountain Ranger Recon Top Gun Guardian

Long Mountain Heroes

Alpha Warrior Twilight Warrior

The Collingwood Heirs

Operation Bassinet The Butler's Daughter


The Firstborn The Second Sister The Third Twin

The Avengers

The Bride And The Mercenary

The Landry Brothers

Chasing Secrets Film at Eleven The Last Landry

Dead Bolt

Bridal Reconnaissance Emergency Contact Memory Reload

The Blackwell Group

Miss Fairmont and the Gentleman Investigator The American Temp and the British Inspector The English Detective and the Rookie Agent

Eclipse & Mists of Fernhaven

The Amulet The Edge of Eternity

Sign of the Gray Wolf

Navajo Justice When Lightning Strikes

New Orleans Confidential

A Father's Duty Bulletproof Billionaire Undercover Encounter

International Affairs

Honeymoon With A Stranger Stranded With A Stranger

Big 'D' Dads

Big Shot Live Ammo Son of a Gun

Security Breach

Critical Exposure

Bachelors at Large

Concealed Weapon Guardian of Her Heart Under His Protection

Eclipse & 43 Light Street

The Secret Night

Men on a Mission

Tough As Nails

Rocky Mountain Safe House

Murder on the Mountain Undercover Colorado

Colorado Crime Consultants

Rocky Mountain Manhunt Rocky Mountain Mystery

Big Sky Bounty Hunters

Bullseye Going to Extremes Riley's Retribution

The Crown Affair

Royal Pursuit Royal Ransom Royal Target

The Blade Brothers of Cougar County

Secret Alibi Targeted

H.O.T. Watch

Soldier's Last Stand Soldier's Rescue Mission The Longest Night

Colby Agency

A Colby Christmas Agent Cowboy Cries in the Night

Wedding Mission

Evidence Of Marriage Serial Bride Vow To Protect

Phoenix Brotherhood

Sight Unseen Take No Prisoners Under Surveillance

Lipstick Ltd.

D.b. Hayes, Detective Hard Evidence Straight Silver

Quantum Men

His Mysterious Ways Secret Passage Silent Storm

Cape Diablo

A Clandestine Affair Secrets of His Own

Ultimate Agents

A Protected Witness Bodyguard/Husband Lullabies and Lies

Guardians of Coral Cove

Deception Eyewitness Intuition

Colby Agency: The New Equalizers

Broken Damaged Missing

Daddy Corps

Baby Battalion Camouflage Cowboy Cowboy Brigade

Colby Agency: Secrets

Classified Decoded

Open Sky Ranch

Westin Family Ties Westin Legacy Westin's Wyoming

The Taylor Clan

In the Blink of an Eye Kansas City's Bravest Last Man Standing

He's a Mystery

Beast in the Tower Double Life Footprints in the Snow

McCalls' Montana

Ambushed! Cowboy Accomplice High-Caliber Cowboy

Shadow Soldiers

A Sultan's Ransom Rules of Re-engagement

Bucking Bronc Lodge

Certified Cowboy Cowboy Cop Cowboy in the Extreme

Montana Mystique

Big Sky Standoff Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch Keeping Christmas

Shivers: Vieux Carré Captives

Phantom of the French Quarter Stranger, Seducer, Protector

Turning Points

Mission: M.d.

Club Undercover

Fake I.D. Wife On the List Red Carpet Christmas

Cooper Justice

Bachelor Sheriff Case File: Canyon Creek, Wyoming Chickasaw County Captive

The Precinct: SWAT

Nanny 911 Protecting the Pregnant Witness

The Marshals of Maverick County

Wanted Wanted: Wanted / The Marine's Last Defence Justice is Coming

Colby Agency: The Specialists

Would-Be Christmas Wedding Ready, Aim...I Do! Bridal Armour

HQ: Texas

Spy in the Saddle My Spy Most Eligible Spy

Brothers in Arms: Fully Engaged

Catch, Release Trap, Secure

Mystere Parish: Family Inheritance

The Reunion The Betrayed The Accused

Shadow Agents

Glitter and Gunfire Alpha One

The Detectives

Secure Location Deadly Force

Royal Bodyguards

Royal Rescue The Princess Predicament Protecting the Pregnant Princess

Vengeance in Texas

A Billionaire's Redemption A Rancher's Dangerous Affair A Widow's Guilty Secret

The Hunted

Special Forces Rendezvous Special Ops Exclusive Soldier Under Siege

Black Ops Rescues

Cowboy's Texas Rescue The Reunion Mission Soldier's Pregnancy Protocol

The Coltons of Eden Falls

Colton Showdown Colton's Deep Cover Colton's Ranch Refuge

Mystere Parish

The Awakening The Vanishing The Reckoning

Black Jaguar Squadron

Beyond Valour His Duty to Protect

Code X

Deadly Sight Flash of Death Breathless Encounter

Colby, TX

Colby Roundup High Noon Colby Law

Situation: Christmas

Daddy Bombshell Secret Protector Detective Daddy

The Kelley Legacy

Captain's Call of Duty Missing Mother-To-Be Rancher Under Cover

The Equalizers

The Equalisers: A Soldier's Oath / Hostage Situation / Colby vs. Colby Colby vs Colby Hostage Situation


A Hero's Redemption High-Stakes Homecoming Protected In His Arms

Dates with Destiny

The Passion Of Sam Broussard The Redemption Of Rafe Diaz Jackson's Woman

Broken Arrow Ranch

A Hero To Count On Bounty Hunter's Woman Fortune Hunter's Hero

The Blade Keepers

Knight In Blue Jeans Underground Warrior

The O'Reilly Brothers

His Wanted Woman

Moriah's Landing

Scarlet Vows

Sons of Troy Ledger

Cowboy Conspiracy Cowboy Fever AK-Cowboy

Perfect, Wyoming

Mercenary's Perfect Mission The Perfect Outsider Lawman's Perfect Surrender

Edge of Honor

Trace of Fever When You Dare

The It Girls

A Model Spy Lethally Blonde The Golden Girl

A Year of Loving Dangerously

Cinderella's Secret Agent Familiar Stranger

Assignment: The Girl Next Door

Renegade Soldier Undercover Stranger

Athena Force

Flashback Look-Alike Exclusive

Morgan's Mercenaries: Ultimate

Protecting His Own Ride the Thunder The Will to Love

The Calling

Danger Calls Darkness Calls Temptation Calls

Nighthawk Island

In the Flesh Under His Skin Memories of Megan

The Body Hunters

Cold Case Connection Positive I.D. Undercover Commitment

Into the Heartland

The Black Sheep's Baby The Seduction Of Goody Two-Shoes

Firstborn Sons

Born To Protect

The Rose Tattoo

The Night in Question


Baby Breakout Lawman Lover

Mission: Impassioned

Mission: Marriage: Bulletproof Marriage / Kiss or Kill / Lazlo's Last Stand A Passionate Mission: My Spy / Secret Agent Reunion / Top-Secret Bride Lazlo's Last Stand

Whitehorse, Montana: Chisholm Cattle Company

Corralled Wrangled Rustled

Stealth Knights

High-Stakes Affair High-Risk Reunion

Small-Town Scandals

The Heartbreak Sheriff Millionaire's Last Stand

A Secret of Shadow Falls - Book 1

Killing Me Softly

A Secret of Shadow Falls - Book 3

Kiss Me, Kill Me

A Secret of Shadow Falls - Book 2

Kill Me Again

Lawmen of Black Rock

Cowboy Deputy

Texas Maternity: Labor and Delivery

Saviour in the Saddle

Devil's Cove

Retribution Vendetta Wanted

The Men of Mayes County

A Husband's Watch Fathers and Other Strangers Staking His Claim

How to Marry a Monarch

Honky-Tonk Cinderella Plain-Jane Princess


Loving the Lone Wolf

Wide Open Spaces

The Renegade And The Heiress

The Lassiter Law

Banning's Woman By Honor Bound

Starrs of the West

The Top Gun's Return

Line of Duty

Hidden Agenda

Eagle Squadron

Aim for the Heart

Sisters of the Ark

Daughter of Destiny Sister of Fortune Wild Woman

The Madonna Key

Hidden Sanctuary Veiled Legacy

Cherokee Corners

Dead Certain Last Seen...

A Family Circle

Lovers And Other Strangers

Maternity Row

Daddy With A Badge

Sisters in Arms

A Dangerous Engagement Irresistible Forces

Colby Agency: New Recruits

Investigating 101 Raw Talent

The Carramer Trust

Operation: Monarch

Trouble in Eden

All A Man Can Do

A Memory Away...

Forgotten Lullaby

Defending the Crown

Royal Captive Stranded with the Prince

Special Ops Texas

Bravo, Tango, Cowboy Cowboy to the Core Cowboy Commando

Whitehorse, Montana: The Corbetts

Hunting Down the Horseman Shotgun Bride

Colby Agency: Elite Reconnaissance Division

His Secret Life The Bride's Secrets Small-Town Secrets

Whitehorse, Montana

Montana Royalty Second Chance Cowboy Classified Christmas

Four Brothers of Colts Run Cross

Miracle at Colts Run Cross Loaded Point Blank Protector

The Precinct: Brotherhood of the Badge

Kansas City Christmas Private S.W.A.T. Takeover

Seduction Summer

Killer Passion Killer Temptation

The Curse of Raven's Cliff

Motive: Secret Baby Solving the Mysterious Stranger

Lights Out

A Baby Before Dawn