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Convenient Christmas Brides

Martinez's Pregnant Wife Valdez's Bartered Bride

The Sauveterre Siblings

Prince's Son Of Scandal Bound By The Millionaire's Ring His Mistress With Two Secrets

One Night With Consequences

A Baby To Bind His Bride A Night Of Royal Consequences A Night Of Royal Consequences

Conveniently Wed!

His Merciless Marriage Bargain

The Powerful Di Fiore Tycoons

Christmas At The Tycoon's Command

Rulers of the Desert

A Christmas Bride For The King A Diamond For The Sheikh's Mistress


His Queen By Desert Decree Claimed For The Leonelli Legacy Wedding Night With Her Enemy

Ruthless Royal Sheikhs

Captive For The Sheikh's Pleasure Christmas Bride For The Sheikh

Mistress to Wife

Carrying His Scandalous Heir Claiming His Scandalous Love-Child

Ruthless Billionaire Brothers

A Night, A Consequence, A Vow

The Princess Seductions

The Greek's Forbidden Princess His Majesty's Temporary Bride

Secret Heirs of Billionaires

Kidnapped For The Tycoon's Baby Carrying The Spaniard's Child The Secret Kept From The Greek

Once Upon a Seduction…

The Italian's Pregnant Prisoner The Prince's Stolen Virgin The Prince's Stolen Virgin: The Prince's Stolen Virgin

Bound to a Billionaire

Buying His Bride Of Convenience Claiming His One-Night Baby Claiming His One-Night Baby: Claiming His One-Night Baby

The Delicious De Campos

The Delicious De Campos: The Divorce Party

The Drakon Royals

His Drakon Runaway Bride The Drakon Baby Bargain Crowned For The Drakon Legacy

The Saunderson Legacy

The Throne He Must Take The Throne He Must Take: The Throne He Must Take The Secret He Must Claim

Marrying a Tycoon

The Tycoon's Outrageous Proposal The Tycoon's Outrageous Proposal: The Tycoon's Outrageous Proposal The Magnate's Tempestuous Marriage

Billionaires & One-Night Heirs

Sicilian's Baby Of Shame Sicilian's Baby Of Shame: Sicilian's Baby of Shame Bound By The Sultan's Baby

Scandalous Royal Brides

The Billionaire's Secret Princess The Billionaire's Secret Princess: The Billionaire's Secret Princess The Prince's Nine-Month Scandal

The Secret Billionaires

Salazar's One-Night Heir Xenakis's Convenient Bride Di Marcello's Secret Son

The Disgraced Copelands

Her Sinful Secret Her Sinful Secret: Her Sinful Secret His Defiant Desert Queen

Brides for the Taking

Sold For The Greek's Heir Sold For The Greek's Heir: Sold for the Greek's Heir The Italian's One-Night Baby

Claimed by a Billionaire

The Italian's Vengeful Seduction The Argentinian's Virgin Conquest

Seduced by a Sheikh

The Forced Bride Of Alazar The Secret Heir Of Alazar The Secret Heir Of Alazar: The Secret Heir of Alazar / Crowned for the Drakon Legacy

The Royal House of Niroli

Bought By The Billionaire Prince

Police Surgeons

Undercover At City Hospital The Police Doctor's Secret

Royal & Ruthless

One Night With The Prince: A Royal Without Rules Prince Hafiz's Only Vice The Heartbreaker Prince

The Billionaire's Legacy

The Last Di Sione Claims His Prize A Deal For The Di Sione Ring A Di Sione For The Greek's Pleasure

Medics Down Under

The Surgeon's Love-Child Dr Blake's Angel

Doctors Down Under

The Surgeon's Proposal Stormbound Surgeon To The Doctor: A Daughter

Brides for Billionaires

Married For The Greek's Convenience Married For The Sheikh's Duty Married For The Italian's Heir

Heirs Before Vows

The Italian's Pregnant Virgin The Prince's Pregnant Mistress The Spaniard's Pregnant Bride

Crocodile Creek 24-hour Rescue

Long-Lost Son: Brand-New Family The Doctor's Unexpected Proposal The Playboy Doctor's Proposal

The 21st Century Gentleman's Club

His Ultimate Demand The Ultimate Revenge The Ultimate Seduction

Irresistible Mediterranean Tycoons

Defying Her Billionaire Protector Surrendering To The Vengeful Italian

Christmas with a Tycoon

The Greek's Christmas Bride The Italian's Christmas Child

The Royal House of Cacciatore

The Future King's Bride The Mediterranean Prince's Passion The Prince's Love-Child

London's Most Eligible Playboys

The Mistress's Child

Rival Brothers

One Night With Gael A Deal With Alejandro

Greek Billionaires' Brides

The Greek Tycoon's Baby Bargain The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Wife

The O'Connells

Raising The Stakes The Sicilian Marriage Claiming His Love-Child

The Throne of San Felipe

The Mistress That Tamed De Santis The Secret That Shocked De Santis

Kingdoms & Crowns

Marrying Her Royal Enemy Claiming The Royal Innocent Carrying The King's Pride

Rich, Ruthless and Renowned

The Playboy's Ruthless Pursuit The Billionaire's Ruthless Affair The Italian's Ruthless Seduction

Bought by the Brazilian

Master Of Her Innocence Mistress Of His Revenge

The Legendary Conti Brothers

The Unwanted Conti Bride The Surprise Conti Child

Kings of the Outback

The Pleasure King's Bride The Cattle King's Mistress The Playboy King's Wife

Irresistible Russian Tycoons

Return Of The Untamed Billionaire Billionaire Without A Past The Cost Of The Forbidden

The Ravensdale Scandals

The Most Scandalous Ravensdale Engaged To Her Ravensdale Enemy Awakening The Ravensdale Heiress

The Kalliakis Crown

Helios Crowns His Mistress Theseus Discovers His Heir Talos Claims His Virgin

The Italian Titans

The Surprise De Angelis Baby Wearing The De Angelis Ring

The Wrong Heirs

The Consequence He Must Claim The Consequence He Must Claim: The Consequence He Must Claim / The Sheikh's Pregnant Prisoner The Marriage He Must Keep

Princes of Petras

The Queen's New Year Secret A Christmas Vow Of Seduction

Seven Sexy Sins

The Innocent's Sinful Craving A Marriage Fit For A Sinner The Sinner's Marriage Redemption

Hot Brazilian Nights!

Back In The Brazilian's Bed Brazilian's Nine Months' Notice At the Brazilian's Command

Rhastaan Royals

Destined For The Desert King

The Bond of Billionaires

The Sheikh's Christmas Conquest Claimed For Makarov's Baby

Greek Tycoons Tamed

Bought For Her Innocence Claimed For His Duty

Desert Brothers

Shackled To The Sheikh Captive of Kadar The Sheikh's Last Gamble

The Tenacious Tycoons

Reunited For The Billionaire's Legacy Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss

The Howard Sisters

A Bride Worth Millions Sheikh's Forbidden Conquest

Scandalous Sheikh Brides

Traded to the Desert Sheikh Protecting the Desert Heir

The Notorious Greeks

The Greek Commands His Mistress The Greek Demands His Heir

Playboys of Sicily

His Sicilian Cinderella Sicilian's Shock Proposal

The Marakaios Brides

The Marakaios Baby The Marakaios Marriage

Society Weddings

The Sheikh's Wedding Contract The Sicilian's Surprise Wife The Greek's Pregnant Bride

Billionaire Brothers

The Bride Fonseca Needs Fonseca's Fury

Sydney's Most Eligible...

The Hotel Magnate's Demand The Spy Who Tamed Me The Tycoon's Stowaway

Bound By Gold

The Sheikh's Secret Babies The Billionaire's Bridal Bargain

Desert Vows

The Sheikh's Princess Bride The Sultan's Harem Bride

Penny Jordan Collection

The Only One A Man Possessed A Sudden Engagement

The Twin Tycoons

The Taming of Xander Sterne The Redemption of Darius Sterne

The Untameable Greeks

What The Greek Wants Most What the Greek Can't Resist What the Greek's Money Can't Buy

Vows of Convenience

His for Revenge His for a Price

A Dynasty of Sand and Scandal

The True King of Dahaar The Last Prince of Dahaar

The Playboys of Argentina

The Valquez Seduction The Valquez Bride

Ruthless Russians

A Virgin for His Prize An Heiress for His Empire

Rivals to the Crown of Kadar

Commanded by the Sheikh Captured by the Sheikh

At His Service

The Housekeeper's Awakening The Consequences of That Night An Enticing Debt to Pay

Alpha Heroes Meet Their Match - - Loose Connection

More Precious than a Crown

The Anne Mather Collection

A Trial Marriage Alien Wife An All-Consuming Passion

The Skavanga Diamonds

His Forbidden Diamond

The Legacies of Powerful Men

Zarif's Convenient Queen Christakis's Rebellious Wife Ravelli's Defiant Bride

The Irresistible Sicilians

Taming the Notorious Sicilian The Sicilian's Unexpected Duty What a Sicilian Husband Wants

Heirs to the Throne of Kyr

Carrying the Sheikh's Heir Gambling with the Crown

Blood Brothers

When Da Silva Breaks the Rules When Christakos Meets His Match When Falcone's World Stops Turning

Hot Bed of Scandal

Hot Summer Nights!: Exposed: Misbehaving with the Magnate / Two Hot! / Perfectly Sexy

Alpha heroes meet their match

The Only Woman to Defy Him

The Devilish D'Angelos

A D'Angelo Like No Other A Prize Beyond Jewels A Bargain with the Enemy

Desert Men of Qurhah

Seduced by the Sultan Shamed in the Sands Defiant in the Desert

The Call of Duty

Pretender to the Throne At His Majesty's Request A Royal World Apart

The Diomedi Heirs

A Queen for the Taking? The Prince She Never Knew


His Pregnancy Ultimatum For The Babies' Sakes His Pregnant Mistress

Mistress to a Millionaire

At the Italian's Command In The Billionaire's Bed Passion in Secret

The Australians

The Billionaire's Contract Bride The Virgin Bride His Heiress Wife

The Barons

The Barons Of Texas: Kit Marriage On The Edge Mistress Of The Sheikh

Latin Lovers

The Brazilian Tycoon's Mistress The Italian Match The Society Bride

Surrender to the Sheikh

The Sheikh's Bartered Bride At The Sheikh's Command Bedded By The Desert King

In Love with Her Boss

Mistress by Agreement The Billionaire Boss's Bride The Boss's Secret Mistress

Secret Passions

Mistress of La Rioja The Marriage Experiment The Unexpected Pregnancy

Foreign Affairs

At the French Baron's Bidding Santiago's Love-Child The Italian's Price

Bedded by Blackmail

The Blackmail Pregnancy The Italian's Blackmailed Mistress Wedding Vow of Revenge


The High-Society Wife A Virgin For The Taking Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife

Red-Hot Revenge

A Passionate Revenge A Spanish Vengeance The Spaniard's Revenge

His Baby

Facing up to Fatherhood The Unexpected Wedding Gift Morgan's Secret Son

Italian Husbands

His Convenient Wife His Inherited Bride The Brunellesci Baby

Wives Wanted

A Scandalous Marriage Bought: One Bride The Tycoon's Trophy Wife

For Love or Money

For Revenge...Or Pleasure? His Wedding Ring of Revenge The Ranieri Bride


The Desert Virgin Naked In His Arms Taken For His Pleasure

At the Boss's Bidding

Blackmailed by the Boss In Her Boss's Bed The Secretary's Seduction

Millionaire Marriages

The Tycoon's Virgin Bride

By Royal Command

The Royal Baby Bargain The Royal Marriage

Triplet Brides

An Innocent Affair The Secret Father

Marry Me?

A Convenient Proposal A Suspicious Proposal

The Dysarts

A Vengeful Reunion Sweet Surrender Restless Nights

The McGillivrays of Pelican Cay

Lessons from a Latin Lover

An Inconvenient Marriage

Finn's Pregnant Bride Ryan's Revenge

Blackmail Brides

The Married Mistress Wife For Hire

Notting Hill Grooms

Reform Of The Playboy The Millionaire Affair

Pregnancies of Passion

The Italian's Love-Child


Aunt Lucy's Lover Husband on Trust The Mistress Deception

International Doctors

The Italian Doctor's Mistress

The Millionaire Affair

City Cinderella The Millionaire's Marriage Claim

The Greek Tycoons

Bought by the Greek Tycoon Constantine's Revenge The Greek Boss's Demand

Outback Knights

The Outback Bridal Rescue The Outback Marriage Ransom The Outback Wedding Takeover

Modern-Day Knight

The Determined Virgin

Three Rich Men

Mistress for a Month Sold to the Sheikh

The Highest Bidder

A Golden Betrayal The Rogue's Fortune A Precious Inheritance

Scandal in the Spotlight

Rumours on the Red Carpet A Game with One Winner No More Sweet Surrender

The Sensational Stanton Sisters

A Touch of Temptation A Hint of Scandal

Those Scandalous Caffarellis

Never Gamble with a Caffarelli Never Underestimate a Caffarelli Never Say No to a Caffarelli

The Bond of Brothers

Secrets of a Powerful Man His Unexpected Legacy

A Bride for a Billionaire

Challenging Dante The Billionaire's Trophy The Sheikh's Prize

By His Royal Decree

Prince of Secrets One Night Heir

The Bryants: Powerful & Proud

His Brand of Passion In the Heat of the Spotlight

The Legendary Finn Brothers

His Most Exquisite Conquest The Incorrigible Playboy

Secret Heirs of Powerful Men

Heir to a Dark Inheritance Heir to a Desert Legacy

Buenos Aires Nights

A Touch of Notoriety A Taste of the Forbidden

The Wilde Brothers

The Merciless Travis Wilde The Ruthless Caleb Wilde The Dangerous Jacob Wilde

Princes Untamed

A Reputation For Revenge Dealing Her Final Card

The LaBlanc Sisters

The Taming of a Wild Child The Downfall of a Good Girl

The Private Lives of Public Playboys

Woman in a Sheikh's World A Night of No Return

The Marriage Bargain

The Alpha Male

The Bennett Family

Wife For A Week

Lynne Graham Collection

Unlocking her Innocence The Contaxis Baby The Heiress Bride

The Lyonedes Legacy

His Reputation Precedes Him Defying Drakon

The Powerful and the Pure

Distracted by her Virtue The Return of the Stranger Mr and Mischief

The Outrageous Sisters

Enemies at the Altar Deserving of His Diamonds?

A Royal Scandal

His Majesty's Mistake

Marriage by Command

A Vow of Obligation A Deal at the Altar

The Takeover

Acquired: The CEO's Small-Town Bride Exposed: Her Undercover Millionaire Bought: His Temporary Fiancée

The Fitzroy Legacy

In Bed with a Stranger Craving the Forbidden

A Mediterranean Marriage

The Italian's Bride

The Marcolini Men

The Marcolini Blackmail Marriage

Unexpected Babies

Androletti's Mistress

An Innocent in His Bed

The Cattle Baron's Virgin Wife

Bought for Her Baby

Blackmailed For Her Baby The Italian's Pregnancy Proposal

In the Greek Tycoon's Bed

The Giannakis Bride The Greek Tycoon's Unexpected Wife The Greek's Forbidden Bride

Forced to Marry

Bought For Marriage

The Secrets of Xanos

A Shameful Consequence

Russian Rivals

The Power of Vasilii The Most Coveted Prize

Greek Tycoons

The Greek Tycoon's Bride The Greek's Convenient Wife At The Greek Tycoon's Bidding

Hired: For the Boss's Pleasure

Mediterranean Boss, Convenient Mistress

Royal Theme

The Prince's Pleasure

The Kings of Australia

The Arranged Marriage The Bridal Bargain


Secret Seduction The Unforgettable Husband

The Royal House of Illyria

The Rich Man's Royal Mistress By Royal Demand

The Orsini Brides

The Real Rio D'Aquila The Ice Prince

Bachelor Cousins

To Marry Mcallister To Marry Mccloud To Marry Mckenzie

Royal Brides

His Royal Love-Child The Prince's Virgin Wife The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain

Air Rescue

The Doctor's Rescue Mission

Australian Playboys

The Playboy In Pursuit

Bachelor Sisters

To Become A Bride To Have A Husband To Make A Marriage

The Galvan Brides

The Latin Lover's Secret Child The Spaniard's Passion

Dinner at 8

His Marriage Ultimatum The Bejewelled Bride

21st Century Bosses

The Thorn in His Side Doukakis's Apprentice

Pregnant Mistresses

Bedded by a Bad Boy

Self-Made Millionaires

Katrakis's Last Mistress Proud Greek, Ruthless Revenge Rich, Ruthless and Secretly Royal

The Drakos Baby

A Stormy Greek Marriage The Pregnancy Shock

The Orsini Brothers

Falco: The Dark Guardian Dante: Claiming His Secret Love-Child Raffaele: Taming His Tempestuous Virgin

Traditional Greek Husbands

The Greek's Pregnant Lover The Shy Bride

Dark-Hearted Desert Men

Scandal: His Majesty's Love-Child Forbidden: The Sheikh's Virgin Tamed: The Barbarian King

Needed: The World's Most Eligible Billionaires

Marriage: To Claim His Twins The Italian Duke's Virgin Mistress The Wealthy Greek's Contract Wife

Men Without Mercy

Blackwolf's Redemption

Pregnant Brides

Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress Ruthless Magnate, Convenient Wife Desert Prince, Bride of Innocence

Three Rich Husbands

The Billionaire's Bride of Innocence

International Billionaires

Blackmailed Into The Greek Tycoon's Bed

The Leopardi Brothers

The Sicilian's Baby Bargain

The Sicilians

The Sicilian's Innocent Mistress