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The King's Elite

The Determined Lord Hadleigh The Disgraceful Lord Gray The Uncompromising Lord Flint

The Beauchamp Heirs

Daring To Love The Duke's Heir Lady Olivia And The Infamous Rake

The Sinful Sinclairs

The Rake's Enticing Proposal The Earl's Irresistible Challenge

The Lochmore Legacy

Secrets Of A Highland Warrior A Runaway Bride For The Highlander Unlaced By The Highland Duke

Saved From Disgrace

The Highborn Housekeeper Beauty And The Brooding Lord The Ton's Most Notorious Rake

Allied at the Altar

Tempted By His Secret Cinderella One Night With The Major A Marriage Deal With The Viscount

Penniless Brides of Convenience

A Wife Worth Investing In The Earl's Countess Of Convenience

The Widows of Westram

An Earl For The Shy Widow A Lord For The Wallflower Widow

Scandalous Australian Bachelors

Reunited With His Long-Lost Cinderella Courting The Forbidden Debutante

Brides of the Roaring Twenties

Baby On His Hollywood Doorstep

Debutantes in Paris

Miss Fortescue's Protector In Paris The Governess's Convenient Marriage Secrets Of A Wallflower

Sisters of Scandal

The Earl's Inconvenient Wife A Most Unsuitable Match

To Wed a Viking

Marrying Her Viking Enemy

The Governess Swap

Shipwrecked With The Captain A Lady Becomes A Governess

Gentlemen of Honour

The Cinderella Countess A Proposition For The Comte A Night Of Secret Surrender

The Sommersby Brides

His Three-Day Duchess One Week To Wed

Whitby Weddings

The Viscount’s Veiled Lady

Matches Made in Scandal

A Scandalous Winter Wedding His Rags-To-Riches Contessa From Courtesan To Convenient Wife

Those Scandalous Stricklands

How Not To Marry An Earl A Kiss Away From Scandal

A Highland Feuding

A Healer For The Highlander Claiming His Highland Bride Kidnapped By The Highland Rogue

The Chadcombe Marriages

The Makings Of A Lady The Captain's Disgraced Lady Waltzing With The Earl

Russian Royals of Kuban

Seduced By The Prince’s Kiss Awakened By The Prince’s Passion Innocent In The Prince's Bed

Lovers and Legends

Reclaimed By The Knight Her Christmas Knight The Knight's Scarred Maiden

Outlaws of the Wild West

An Outlaw To Protect Her A Marriage Deal With The Outlaw The Innocent And The Outlaw

Oak Grove

Wedding At Rocking S Ranch In The Sheriff's Protection Winning The Mail-Order Bride

Warriors of the Night

Forbidden Night With The Prince Forbidden Night With The Highlander Forbidden Night With The Warrior

Brides for Bachelors

The Captain Claims His Lady The Marquess Tames His Bride The Major Meets His Match

Wild Lords and Innocent Ladies

Lord Stanton's Last Mistress Lord Ravenscar's Inconvenient Betrothal Lord Hunter's Cinderella Heiress

The Beauchamp Betrothals

Lady Cecily And The Mysterious Mr Gray Scandal And Miss Markham Cinderella And The Duke

The Wild Warriners

A Warriner To Seduce Her A Warriner To Tempt Her A Warriner To Rescue Her

Princesses of the Alhambra

The Knight’s Forbidden Princess

At the Tudor Court

The Mistress And The Merchant Taming The Tempestuous Tudor

Lords at the Altar

His Convenient Marchioness In Debt To The Earl

The Society of Wicked Gentlemen

A Secret Consequence For The Viscount A Pregnant Courtesan For The Rake An Innocent Maid For The Duke

Viking Warriors

The Viking Warrior's Bride In Bed With The Viking Warrior One Night With The Viking

Scandal and Disgrace

Courting Danger With Mr Dyer Miss Marianne's Disgrace Rescued From Ruin

The Danby Brothers

Redeeming The Rogue Knight

Hadley's Hellions

Secret Lessons With The Rake Convenient Proposal To The Lady Stolen Encounters With The Duchess

A Year of Scandal

The Governess Heiress The Winterley Scandal Redemption Of The Rake

The Fairfax Brides

From Runaway To Pregnant Bride The Bride Lottery His Mail-Order Bride

Secret Lives of the Ton

An Unexpected Countess An Uncommon Duke An Unsuitable Duchess

Wallflowers to Wives

Marrying The Rebellious Miss Claiming His Defiant Miss Awakening The Shy Miss

Regency Bachelors

The Debutante's Daring Proposal

Royal Weddings

Rumours At Court Whispers At Court Secrets at Court

The Business of Marriage

The Secret Marriage Pact A Too Convenient Marriage A Debt Paid In Marriage

Hot Arabian Nights

Claiming His Desert Princess The Harlot And The Sheikh Sheikh's Mail-Order Bride

The Scandalous Summerfields

Bound By Their Secret Passion Bound By A Scandalous Secret Bound By One Scandalous Night

Warehaven Warriors

At The Warrior's Mercy

The Eastway Cousins

Heiress On The Run An Earl In Want Of A Wife

The Herriard Family

Surrender To The Marquess

The Governess Tales

The Governess's Secret Baby The Runaway Governess Governess To The Sheikh

Heroes of San Diego

Christmas Kiss From The Sheriff Familiar Stranger In Clear Springs

Knights of Champagne

Mistaken For A Lady Lady Rowena's Ruin Lord Gawain's Forbidden Mistress

The Infamous Arrandales

The Outcast's Redemption Return Of The Runaway Temptation Of A Governess

Lords of Disgrace

The Unexpected Marriage Of Gabriel Stone The Many Sins Of Cris De Feaux His Christmas Countess

Brides of Simpson Creek

Lawman In Disguise Hill Country Courtship A Hero in the Making

The Penniless Lords

Marriage Made In Hope Marriage Made In Rebellion Marriage Made in Shame

Rakes in Disgrace

More Than A Lover

Men About Town

Saved By Scandal's Heir Return Of Scandal's Son

Rakes on Tour

Rake Most Likely To Sin Rake Most Likely To Seduce Rake Most Likely To Thrill

The Walker Twins

Wed To The Texas Outlaw Wed To The Montana Cowboy

Wild West Weddings

Want Ad Wife Promised by Post Bride by Mail

The Knights' Prizes

Scoundrel Of Dunborough

Warriors of Ireland

Warrior Of Fire Warrior of Ice

Daughters of the Roaring Twenties

The Forgotten Daughter The Rebel Daughter The Bootlegger's Daughter

Comrades in Arms

The Soldier's Rebel Lover The Soldier's Dark Secret

Dangerous Dukes

Christian Seaton: Duke Of Danger Griffin Stone: Duke of Decadence Rufus Drake: Duke of Wickedness

Charity House

The Marriage Agreement His Most Suitable Bride Finally a Bride

Brides of Waterloo

A Rose for Major Flint A Mistress For Major Bartlett A Lady for Lord Randall

Ransleigh Rogues

The Rake to Reveal Her The Rake to Rescue Her The Rake to Redeem Her

Rebels and Lovers

A Dance with Danger

The de Bryun Sisters

A Ring from a Marquess The Truth About Lady Felkirk

The Cornwall Collection

Lucien Tregellas Bane Beresford Valerian Inglemoore

Regency Brides of Convenience

Reunited with the Major Chosen by the Lieutenant Rescued by the Viscount

Rakes of the Caribbean

Breaking the Rake's Rules Craving the Rake's Touch Playing the Rake's Game

Gentlemen of Disrepute

The Lost Gentleman The Gentleman Rogue Mistress to the Marquis

A Dangerous Dukes novella

Marcus Wilding: Duke Of Pleasure

The Masquerade Club

A Lady of Notoriety A Marriage of Notoriety A Reputation for Notoriety

English Rogues and Grecian Goddesses

Safe in the Earl's Arms

Victorious Vikings

Surrender to the Viking Defiant in the Viking's Bed

The Gryphon

No Place For An Angel No Role For A Gentleman

The MacLerie Clan

Yield to the Highlander The Highlander's Dangerous Temptation At the Highlander's Mercy

The Armstrong Sisters

Unwed and Unrepentant Rumours that Ruined a Lady

Rakes Who Make Husbands Jealous

A Most Indecent Gentleman London's Most Wanted Rake An Officer But No Gentleman

Mail-Order Weddings

Welcome to Wyoming Rancher Wants a Wife

The Sinner and the Saint

The Fall of a Saint The Greatest of Sins

Forbidden Vikings

To Tempt a Viking To Sin with a Viking

Officers and Gentlemen

Drawn to Lord Ravenscar Protected by the Major Courted by the Captain

The Dilhorne Dynasty

Prince Of Secrets A Strange Likeness An Unconventional Heiress

The Lordly Claremonts

The Golden Lord

City of Flames

The Defiant Mistress The Vagabond Duchess

The Elizabethan Season

Lady in Waiting

The Warrior Series

The Overlord's Bride

A Season of Secrets

Not Just a Wallflower Not Just a Governess Not Just a Seduction

Bancrofts of Barton Park

Running from Scandal The Runaway Countess

The Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club

In the Commodore's Hands The Captain's Kidnapped Beauty Sir Ashley's Mettlesome Match

Buttons and Bobbins

Patchwork Bride Snowflake Bride Gingham Bride

The Seaborne Trilogy

The Black Sheep's Return

Ladies of Impropriety

A Lady Dares A Lady Seduces A Lady Risks All

The Gilvrys of Dunross

Her Highland Protector One Night with the Highlander

The Brunson Clan

Taken by the Border Rebel Captive of the Border Lord Return of the Border Warrior

The Notorious Coale Brothers

Behind the Rake's Wicked Wager

Daring Duchesses

Some Like to Shock Some Like It Wicked

Rakes Beyond Redemption

How to Sin Successfully How to Ruin a Reputation How to Disgrace a Lady

Tudor Queens

Tarnished Rose of the Court

The Brethren Guardians

Temptation & Twilight Pride & Passion Seduction & Scandal

Wessex Weddings

The Novice Bride Her Banished Lord Runaway Lady, Conquering Lord

Diamonds of Welbourne Manor

A Not So Respectable Gentleman? How To Marry a Rake The Shy Duchess

Palace Brides

Betrothed to the Barbarian Chained to the Barbarian Bound to the Barbarian

Castonbury Park

Flirting With Ruin

The Scandal Series

Once Upon a Scandal Prelude to a Scandal The Perfect Scandal

The MacKinloch Clan

Tempted by the Highland Warrior Claimed by the Highland Warrior Craving the Highlander's Touch

Ladies in Disgrace

Lady Priscilla’s Shameful Secret Lady Drusilla's Road to Ruin Lady Folbroke's Delicious Deception

Secrets and Scandals

The Scandalous Lord Lanchester

Regency Highland

Highland Rogue, London Miss

The Tang Dynasty

The Dragon and the Pearl

The Copeland Sisters

The Lady Confesses The Lady Forfeits A Wickedly Pleasurable Wager

Lord Ratliffe’s Daughters

Marrying the Captain

Three Soldiers

Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy The Liberation Of Miss Finch

The Wellingfords

Society's Most Disreputable Gentleman From Waif To Gentleman's Wife

Highland Brides

The Highlander's Return The Highlander's Redemption

Danger & Desire

Married to a Stranger Seduced by the Scoundrel Ravished by the Rake

The Knights of Brittany

His Enemy's Daughter The Mercenary's Bride The Conqueror's Lady

Brides Series

The Horseman's Bride The Widowed Bride

The Transformation of the Shelley Sisters

Auctioned Virgin to Seduced Bride Innocent Courtesan to Adventurer's Bride Vicar's Daughter to Viscount's Lady

The Wellingham Brothers

One Illicit Night

Regency Sheikhs

The Governess and the Sheikh

The MacEgan Brothers

Surrender to an Irish Warrior Taming Her Irish Warrior Pleasured by the Viking

Gentlemen of Fortune

Seduced: The Scandalous Virgin Wanted: Mail-Order Mistress Bought: The Penniless Lady

The Notorious St Claires

Lady Arabella's Scandalous Marriage The Rogue's Disgraced Lady The Rake's Wicked Proposal

Regency Rogues

Dangerous Lord, Seductive Miss

A Season in Town

The Mistress of Hanover Square An Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square A Country Miss in Hanover Square

The Aikenhead Honours

His Forbidden Liaison His Reluctant Mistress His Cavalry Lady

Those Scandalous Ravenhursts

The Piratical Miss Ravenhurst The Notorious Mr Hurst The Disgraceful Mr Ravenhurst