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Mae Nunn

Mae Nunn

Inspiration – with a kick!

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About Mae

I grew up in Houston, Texas and no matter where I may roam for the rest of my life, I'm first and foremost a Texan. My father-in-law (an Englishman) likes to remind me 'You can always tell a Texan but you can't tell them much.' He has me pegged.

When I started grade school my mama entered college, earned her masters degree and began a teaching career that had a positive impact on thousands of teenagers. During my middle school years my daddy left the security of a corporate job to risk going into business for himself. His vision and hard work paid off in a company that today is one of the most successful of its kind in Houston. From the very beginning our parents set the bar high in our home. They taught my brother, sisters and me the value of family, the foundation of faith, the importance of education and the rewards of commitment. I will always be grateful that they gave me roots to keep me grounded and wings to let me fly.

I was always a natural performer, loved to dance and be centre stage (and that's never changed!). Being captain of my high school drill team prepared me to attend Kilgore College where I earned a coveted position with the Rangerettes. After Kilgore I completed my Associates Degree at Lee College. Then I moved to Austin where I had the time of my life and still managed to earn a Bachelor's of Communication from the University of Texas.
Right out of college I went to work for Airborne Express. What was only intended to be a short term job morphed into a thirty year career in the small package industry. During a business trip to Atlanta in 1988 I finally had a face-to-face meeting with a co-worker I'd known and admired for many years. The day we met, Michael Nunn became more than just a charming English accent on the phone. Eight months later he became my husband.

With the help of our kids we turned our blended lives into a family filled with faith, hope and love.

Ever wonder about a writer's natural habitat? For me it's in front of the computer, glamourously located inside the closet of my cosy office. Quite frequently during the day a phone call, an email or a load of laundry interrupts the creative process. But somehow the words get on the screen, the pages turn to chapters and, as long as you're blessed with patience and perseverance the chapters eventually become a completed manuscript. It takes dedication, discipline and hundreds of hours of work to create a manuscript. Then it takes an editor with vision and a publisher with resources to turn that manuscript into a book. But it takes the imagination of a reader to bring your book to life. Thank you for giving my characters a chance to live beyond my mind and the pages of my stories. I know they'll have a good home with you.

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