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Lynda Sandoval

Lynda Sandoval

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Lynda's top writing themes

The body
Lust and desire
Emotional expression

About Lynda

I started reading at the age of two-and-a-half or so (not that anyone believed me. Then again, they also didn't believe I was choking on a chicken bone during dinner when I was seven, until I fell onto the floor and turned blue. SHEESH.) Starting at age three, after I finally convinced the skeptics of my mad skills, I got to spend a day with the Big Kids in kindergarten reading with a specialist. It ruled. From that day forward, I knew I would someday write books.

I wrote my first three manuscripts while working as a police officer. I loved being a cop because of the autonomy, the non-traditional scheduling and the adrenaline kick. After things started to take off in the writing realm, though, I realised I needed to make a choice. It was hard to hand in that resignation letter, but I've never looked back. Quitting in 1998 was a huge leap of faith, but more than twenty published novels later, I'm finally certain that my leap of faith was not in vain!

Life is short. Don't wait to follow your passion, whatever it may be. Go for it!

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