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Lindsay Longford

Lindsay Longford

Southern heat, dangerous nights…

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Lindsay's top writing themes

Surburbia and neighbours
The body
Physical intimacy

About Lindsay

I began writing romance because I believe in the power of love to lift the human spirit and to make the world a better place. And because everyone can use a happy ending, even if it's only in fiction, and temporary!

At home, I am owned by three cats – all of whom appear in one guise or another in my books. I am the ‘fun’ mom to my twenty three year old, who has become quite bossy in instructing me how to navigate, how to drive, and how to run my life. But, blessing of blessings, he is also a friend who introduces me to funky music, great books, and offbeat entertainment.

My worst qualities (my stubbornness and my love of analysing anything!) are also my best qualities. Or so my friends insist. I consider my life to be enriched by the people I’ve met and learned from in the writing industry.

I frequently speak at conferences and writers' groups, and delight in sharing my love of books and a good story – and the work involved in making characters come alive on the page.