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Linda Skye

Linda Skye

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Linda's top writing themes

The body
Physical intimacy
Emotional expression - wit

About Linda

I was born in the United States to Filipino parents, raised in Canada, and I have travelled throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. I consider myself a modern-day nomad, moving across country and ocean with my military husband and my young son.

After studying a master’s in education, I now specialise in teaching languages and literature. I have been teaching English as a Second Language, English literature and literacy courses since 2001. Though I am currently teaching part-time, I am a full-time daydreamer with a passion for the strange, mysterious and exotic.

I am a travel addict and a self-proclaimed food critic with an insatiable appetite for the written word. I first developed my love for reading and writing by browsing my grandfather’s dictionaries and etymology books – a habit I have yet to abandon!

After three years in the United Kingdom, I am currently living in Alberta, Canada, and I spend my free time writing, practicing digital photography, updating my food blog and dreaming of adventures at home and abroad.

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