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Mary Brendan

Mary Brendan

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Mary's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Romance and passion
Emotional expression

About Mary

I’ve always been a keen reader of historical romances and decided to try my hand at writing a Regency novel when my youngest son took his afternoon naps. What started as a lazy lunchtime indulgence, sandwich in one hand, notepad in the other; soon developed into a highly enjoyable part-time occupation. I was delighted when my first work was accepted for publication in the United States in 1986.

Part of my attraction to writing historical fiction is the research that uncovers fascinating things about each different era – for example, the discovery that the criminal underworld and poverty of the 19th Century in fact thrived alongside the culture and extravagence for which this elegant period is more readily remembered. Where possible, I like to weave a bit of both worlds into the fabric of my stories.

When I find myself with a rare pocket of spare time, I relax by trying to bring some sort of order to our large garden. I also love browsing junk shops and antique fairs which are, luckily, abound in my neck of the woods.

Favourite films

Last of the Mohicans