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Laurie Kingery

Laurie Kingery

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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About Laurie

I was born in Texas, the only child of a career Army officer and his wife. When I was three, the family moved to the Columbus, Ohio, after a tour of duty in Germany. During my school years, I discovered my love of books and a talent for writing. I began my first 'book' – an ongoing story about a dog and a horse – on my dad’s battered manual typewriter and in high school, I composed a series of love stories about the Beatles for the amusement of my friends. Although I loved writing, I also wanted to be a nurse and I graduated from Grant School of Nursing in 1972, became an ER nurse, married and had two daughters.

I loved my busy urban ER because of its innate drama and unpredictability. I also became the first woman to join my rural township’s volunteer fire department. I left the ER for awhile to fly on my hospital’s new medical helicopter, but later returned to the ER

I hadn’t given up my dream of writing fiction, however. My first effort was a medieval romance, and to my amazement, I sold it – taking the pen name of Laurie Grant after the name of my hospital. The book was published as Definant Heart in 1987. It was nominated by Romantic Times as Best First Medieval. I wrote three more medievals for other publishers before moving to Harlequin Historicals to write medievals and western historicals.

I won the National Reader’s Choice award for The Raven and the Swan in 1994 and was nominated for a Career Achievement Award in westerns by Romantic Times.

I became a Christian in my teens, and by this time I began to feel a leading towards Christian fiction. Just in time, Harlequin's new Christian imprint, Love Inspired, opened up a historical line and I was able to sell my first Chrisian historical romance novel to them, Hill Country Christmas. I received an American Christian Fiction Writer's Carol Awards nomination for my second book with LIH, The Outlaw's Lady.