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Lauren Nichols

Lauren Nichols

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Elements of time
Cars and road trips - rural
Communications technology

About Lauren

I always thought I'd have a career in art.

Decades ago, to entertain my little brothers, I hand-printed and illustrated stories about Easter bunnies who chipped colour from rainbows to tint their famous eggs. Later, I painted signs and did artwork for local businesses. Later still – before Steven Spielberg's blockbuster Jurassic Park – my husband Mike and I built and painted detailed full-colour dinosaur targets for our archery club's Prehistoric Shoot. It was a lot of fun. They were huge and made of many, many layers of sturdy, glued-and-compressed cardboard. Mike destroyed two saber saws cutting them out. Our T-rex was well over nine feet tall. We had to cut a foot off of his tail to get him through our double-wide basement doors!

It was a happy accident that shifted my attention from art to writing. In the hope of landing a job illustrating children's books, I contacted a publisher who agreed to look at my work if I also wrote an accompanying story. It was during the writing of Arthur the Claustrophobic Ant, which was never submitted, that I rediscovered the fun and satisfaction of creating fictional characters, especially when my interests turned to romance. It seems fitting that the titles of my first three books began with the word accidental.

I guess I can credit my love of writing to growing up a voracious reader, gobbling up everything from Nancy Drew mysteries to Wuthering Heights. Even today, when time permits, if I'm not writing, geo-caching, hanging out with friends and family or travelling, I have my nose in a book. I read everything – mystery, intrigue, even some science fiction. But my first love will always be romantic suspense. I'm a real softie for happy endings and a true believer in the Beatles' philosophy that 'all you need is love.'