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Joyce Livingston

Joyce Livingston

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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The home
Marriage and family
Elements of time

About Joyce

I have done many things in my life (in addition to being a wife, mother of six, and grandmother to oodles of grandkids, all of whom I love dearly). From being a television broadcaster for eighteen years, to lecturing and teaching on quilting and sewing, to writing magazine articles on a variety of subjects. I've danced with Lawrence Welk, ice-skated with a Chimpanzee, had bottles broken over my head by stuntmen, interviewed hundreds of celebrities and controversial figures, and many other interesting and unusual things. But now, when I'm not off travelling to wonderful and exotic places as a part-time tour escort, my days are spent sitting in front of my computer, creating stories. I feel my writing is a ministry and a calling from God, and I hope readers will be touched and uplifted by what I write.