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Jill Monroe

Jill Monroe

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Jill's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Emotional expression
Body language

About Jill

My grandparents firmly believed their grandkids should experience the satisfaction of hard work… by harvesting potatoes in 100 degree weather. In fact, my grandma felt it was her personal duty to pass along the fading arts of canning, sewing and keeping house to her only granddaughter – me. While I didn't quite ‘take' to canning or sewing or, let's face it, cleaning – I did pick up my grandparents' other favourite pastime, which was reading. During the hottest time of those long summer days, my grandma and great-aunts used to read and talk about their favourite romance novels. It wasn't long before I was joining in with thier conversations. Nobody was more proud of my first book than my grandma and great-aunts.

In college, I was once asked to name one of my life goals. I knew my answer straight away – it was to write a romance novel. A college reunion never passed without someone asking if I’d ever written that book – now I can finally scream ‘YES!’ (often with leaps and pom-poms too).

After various careers, including driving a van of fourteen college students cross-country, breaking up fights and being one of several to interview Jesse Jackson for a local radio station; I'm happy to settle behind the computer and write the kind of stories I hope people will enjoy reading on those long, hot days of summer. Or to heat up the slow, cold nights of winter!

Grandma is happy to report that not all her time was wasted – I can be found every October in the fabric store helping little ones decide which costume they want sewn for Halloween. The canning is still a problem.

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