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Fiona Brand

Fiona Brand

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Communications technology
Lust and desire
Office settings

About Fiona

Even though I've been a bookaholic ever since I was old enough to turn pages, I didn't start writing myself until after the birth of my second child. I decided I would give myself two years to get published. Five years and several rejections later, I finally sold my first book Cullen's Bride to Silhouette Intimate Moments.

Besides writing romance, I consider my life to be ordinary really! Before the writing career, I spent eight years working for the New Zealand Forest Service, where I learned the true meaning of power – holding the keys to the stationery cupboard and controlling the petty cash.

When that power rush ended, I tried the other end of the spectrum – absolute slavery – and took up having children. Then when my youngest son turned three, I set about teaching myself the business of writing.

I've always lived in the country I'm currently in the Bay of Islands, a subtropical fishing and diving paradise, with my two sons. As for pets… so far we have two goldfish and a budgie, but with a change of location looming in the near future, at least two cats and a dog are planned as welcome additions to the family.

When I'm not writing or doing normal household things (like cleaning the budgie's cage and the goldfish tank), I like to spend my spare time hanging out with my children or catching up with friends and my leisure activities include reading, cooking, gardening, protecting my laptop from game-hungry kids, and of course, shopping. I'm thinking of starting a daytime tai chi class to get out of the house and mingle with normal people who have lives. Every so often I like to meditate in search of the elusive silence within. Unfortunately, I haven't found that silence yet. Somehow there's always a grocery list in there, or a niggling guilt that there's something else I haven't gotten done yet, or I get hungry, or a kid comes in...

Favourite films

Last of the Mohicans

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