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Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer Lewis

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Jennifer's top writing themes

Romance and passion
Physical intimacy
Lust and desire

About Jennifer

I’ve been making up stories since the day I was born. I always loved to draw as well as write and as a child I drew graphic novellas featuring penniless but plucky Cinderella heroines. My love of daydreaming earned me the nickname 'dozy duck' in Kindergarten, and I still consider staring into space to be a constructive activity.

I was born in Manhattan but my family moved to London when I was six months old, toting me along in a cat basket. I grew up as a Brit and travelled extensively in Europe during my only-slightly-misspent formative years.

I came back to the States to earn a bachelors degree in Semiotics from Brown University and begin a journey into the world of trans-Atlantic accents that I have still not fully emerged from.

On graduation I returned to New York, where I learned to explain Semiotics on job interviews ('It’s the study of signs and systems of meaning!') and to apply my knowledge in a very enjoyable career at a television museum. While organising exhibits on subjects ranging from Elvis Presley to Monty Python, I began to experiment with writing my own stories. It was quite a revelation to discover that the tales I’d been dreaming up forever could actually be turned into books. After a couple of detours – my son and my daughter – I focussed all my creative energy on writing and my first book came out in 2007. 

We recently spent two years in Surrey, where we lived in a converted medieval barn and rode our ponies on an ancient common with an 18th century Semaphore tower. We brought our New Forest pony, Pippa, back to the States with us, and she’s adapted very well to a life of sunshine and palm trees (as we all have!!). Since moving to Florida, I have becoming addicted to kayaking and paddle boarding on the deliciously warm waters. The lush natural environment and its endless variety of flora and fauna provide the perfect backdrop for dreaming up stories of passion and romance.