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Jenna Ryan

Jenna Ryan

Danger lurks in the shadow of desire

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Jenna's top writing themes

The body
Physical intimacy
Lust and desire

About Jenna

When you have Irish, English and American grandparents, it’s pretty much expected that you’ll be a storyteller. Add in a love of old horror movies, a lifelong fascination with everything Alfred Hitchcock ever did, a little Jane Austen, a little more Nancy Drew, and you have one of my books. 

Before it occurred to me to submit anything to anyone, I worked as a model and later as a travel agent. In doing so, I met a number of people who’d had much more interesting life experiences than my own. Naturally, many of those experiences have made their way into my stories. I think it’s this touch of truth that brings a character to life.

Writing for the Harlequin Intrigue line for as long as I have, has been wonderful. I’m able to incorporate romance with danger in whatever setting works best. Sometimes I give my stories a gothic atmosphere, other times I’ll go a little western. But the one incontrovertible element is an ending with a twist. That’s the fun part. That and having the opportunity, however briefly, to live in a new and exciting world.

Overall, though, my goal is to write for the enjoyment of as many people as possible. I love hearing from readers. Any and all feedback is good. So please, feel free to visit my website and drop me a line.