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Jeannie Watt

Jeannie Watt

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Jeannie's top writing themes

Lust and desire
Emotional expression
Elements of time

About Jeannie

I started writing in high school, shortly after I read Gone With the Wind while I was supposed to be studying for my drivers ed test. I discovered Harlequin romances in college, and often read one a night while I was supposed to be studying calculus or chemistry. I did pass my drivers ed test, and I graduated from college with degrees in education and geology. I also continued to read and write romance every chance I got.

After years of writing chapters one to three of many, many books, I began to seriously think about being published after my kids started high school. My second completed manuscript, A Difficult Woman, sold to Harlequin SuperRomance in 2006.

I live off the gird in an historic ranching and mining area in northern Nevada with my husband and our many horses, ponies and assorted small animals. When I'm not writing or teaching science, I make glass mosaic mirrors, read and sew. I enjoy running and try to run at least five marathons a year.