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Jan Hambright

Jan Hambright

Lock the door, keep the light on and let me tell you a story…

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Cars and road trips
The home
The body

About Jan

I wrote my first novel at seventeen. It was pure rubbish! Though it did open the door on my love for storytelling...

Fortunately I was able to marry my passion with my need for adventure, and I credit my Grandma Edna for instilling it at an early age. She was something of a thrill seeker herself – gathering us all to jump in the car and follow every time a fire truck or an ambulance flew by the house. It's no wonder I'm such an adrenalin junkie.

I put that adrenalin addiction to good use when my children were small and the nearest hospital was over an hour away. I became a volunteer EMT in rural Idaho and spent ten years meeting people on the worst day of their lives. I can only hope that I did some good.
I retired in 1999 to write full time, but I still have a love for adventure. I couldn't resist jumping out of an airplane at ten thousand feet, just to celebrate turning forty. I'd like to climb a mountain or two at some point, too.

I was born and raised in Idaho, where I still live with my husband, three of our five children, a three legged watch dog and a spoiled horse named, Texas, who always has time to listen to my next story idea while we gallop along.

I hope you enjoy my books, as I've tried to infuse them with the kind of excitement I've experienced in my life. There's nothing like a great book, one you close at the end and sigh, one that takes you on a wild ride from start to finish and never lets you go... so submerge yourself in the story, enjoy the adventure, and the romance I've created just for you, the readers.