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Helen Kirkman

Helen Kirkman

Tales of love and honour, courage and passion

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Helen's top writing themes

Medieval weapons and armour
Emotional expression - wit
Romance and passion

About Helen

As a schoolgirl I remember standing on the mysterious grassy remains of an Anglo-Saxon hill fort and dreaming of what might have been. I often look back on those times now and think of them as the birth of my love of history.

I always enjoyed dreaming up adventure stories and it wasn’t long before romances of long ago found their place in my imagination. It seemed impossible to me, though, that my daydreams could ever become more than that.

When I was thirteen, my family moved from England to New Zealand. I eventually went off to University and completed a degree in languages, did some travelling, worked at various jobs… and finally began to write down some of the stories in my head. Usually during time I’d snatched at the computer over weekends, or scribbled on the back of an envelope while waiting in a queue!

My career finally took off when I won the Clendon Award for best unpublished romance. I’m thrilled to now be writing romances for Harlequin full time, while I look after my husband and son.

I recently travelled back to Britain (I still live in New Zealand) to have another first-hand look at some of the places and historical treasures I write about in my books. I love to write powerful stories, charged with emotional intensity and fuelled by my love of history and all things romantic.