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Nina Bruhns

Nina Bruhns

Intrigue, passion and adventure!

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Nina's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Emotional expression
Lust and desire

About Nina

I think I have to credit my gypsy great-grandfather for my great love of adventure. I have lived and travelled all over the world, been on scientific expeditions from California to Spain to Egypt and Sudan, and have two graduate degrees in archeology (with a specialty in Egyptology). I also speak four lanaguages and I write a mean hieroglyphic!

That said, my first love has always been writing. For me, writing for Harlequin is the ultimate adventure! Drawing on my many and varied experiences gives my stories a colourful dimension and allows me to create settings and characters out of the ordinary.

Though I'm a native to Canada, I grew up in California and currently reside in Charleston, South Carolina, with my husband and three children.

Favourite films

Bringing Up Baby