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Gennita Low

Gennita Low

Proud to write for Mira

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Gennita's top writing themes

Crime and terrorism
Emotional expression
Communications technology

About Gennita

I like to keep things simple. That's why I run a roofing construction business, teach, write and do my own business taxes eight days a week.

I consider myself a multi-cultural and well-rounded person. Workers leave me alone when I start yelling at them in Chinese and Malay. I also study German and Russian because I can't pronounce French very well.

The most boring and interesting thing I ever did was translating documents from various languages into English, giving me an opportunity to see many countries. Having travelled extensively in my twenties, I now spend my thirties quietly with six noisy dogs.

Before I became published, I entered hoards of my work into Romance Writers of America contests and went on to final in and win a bunch of them, including the Marlene, the Merritt, and Indiana's Golden Opportunity. I am also a three-time finalist in the RWA Golden Heart contest.

I would love to hear your comments about my books and you can visit my website or find me on Twitter if you'd like to get in touch. (I have even been known to give away bookmarks and stuff to those who praise me.)

AND if your roof leaks, I can probably give you some advice!