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Emilie Rose

Emilie Rose

Intense emotion… scintillating passion

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Emilie's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Lust and desire
Emotional expression

About Emilie

I live in my native North Carolina with my four sons and two adopted mutts. My love for romance novels developed when I was twelve years old and my mother hid them under sofa cushions each time I entered the room. Who wouldn't be curious and sneak a peek?

I grew up riding and showing horses and chasing after my older brothers. More often than not, I had to bribe my way into being included.

My hobbies include riding my Harley, gardening, cooking (especially baking cheesecake) and anything cowboy. I'm a country music fan because there's an entire book in nearly every song. I'm also a devoted baseball fan and can often be found at a Durham Bulls game during the season.

Writing is my third (and hopefully my last) career. I've managed a medical office and run a home day care, neither of which offers half as much satisfaction as plotting happy endings.

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