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Elizabeth White

Elizabeth White

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Elements of time
The body
Emotional expression

About Elizabeth

As a teenager growing up in north Mississippi, I often relieved the tedium of history and science classes by losing myself in a romance novel hidden behind a textbook. Inevitably, I began writing stories of my own (and sticking them under the bed where my three younger sisters couldn't find them). Torn between my two loves – music and literature – I chose to pursue a career as a piano and voice teacher.

Along the way I married my own Prince Charming and followed him through seminary into church ministry. During a season of staying home with two babies, I rediscovered my love for writing romantic stories with a Christian worldview. To my astonishment, one of those stories turned into a novel, and I was hooked forever. A previously unmined streak of God-given determination carried me through the process of learning how to turn funny, mushy stuff into a publishable novel. My first novella saw print in the banner year 2000.

I now live on the Alabama Gulf Coast with my husband (who has more common sense than ten normal people), two high-maintenance teenagers and a Boston terrier named Angel. I play flute and pennywhistle in church orchestra, teach second-grade Sunday school, paint portraits in chalk pastel, and – of course – read everything I can get my hands on.
Creating stories of faith, where two people fall in love with each other and Jesus, is my passion and source of personal spiritual growth.

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