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Douglas Rees

Douglas Rees

Proud to write for Mira

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Elements of time
Surburbia and neighbours
Education - school

About Douglas

Until I was six, I wanted to be a fireman. Between the ages of six and twelve, I wanted to be a palaeontologist. Then at the age of twelve I decided I wanted to be a writer… and spent the next thirty-five years taking intermittent stabs at it.

Meanwhile, I worked at various kinds of teaching, spent a year as a hospital orderly, drove something like an ambulance, washed dishes, took inventories, told stories, and was part owner of a ballet school (I can't dance). I got married, got divorced, then got married again (to different people).

In my mid-thirties I went to library school at Berkeley just before they closed it down (Not my fault, I swear), and currently I work as a young adult librarian at the south end of San Francisco Bay. I have one wife and too many cats.

Besides Majix, I have written nine other published books, including Lightning Time, Smoking Mirror, and Vampire High, which won various honours, and Grandy Thaxter's Helper, Uncle Pirate, and The Janus Gate, which didn't.

I am not particularly weird, but some of the things in Majix, like the smoking scene, are things I have actually done. My favourite music is oatmeal cookies, and my favourite food is turquoise. If you place me near a body of flowing water, I will probably stare at it contentedly without wandering off until you want me again. This cannot be absolutely guaranteed, however. I am rather notorious for getting lost.

I prefer to plead the Twenty-first Amendment in answer to all other questions.