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Diann Walker

Diann Walker

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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In 1997, when me and my husband, Jim, started on our three-mile trek through the Amish country, I had no idea I was taking my first steps toward a new career. Inspired by our walk I wrote an article, which went on to be published a year later. This was soon followed up by more articles. After studying fiction writing, I celebrated my first novella sale in 2001.

I left my job as a court reporter in the fall of 2003 and now devote my time to writing. Well, writing and spoiling my grandchildren.

I have been happily married forever and love my family, chocolate, my friends, chocolate, my dog, and, well, chocolate.

Be sure to check out my website and drop me an email, if you wish. And, hey, if you have any chocolate…

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