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Delilah Marvelle

Delilah Marvelle

Historical romance just got twisted

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Delilah's top writing themes

Physical intimacy
Romance and passion
Elements of time

About Delilah

I love to write historical romances with scandalous twists I dig up from history.

If you'd really like to know more about me, read on for twenty eight random facts!

1) Delilah is my real name.

2) I actually met a guy named Samson. It was back in college. He even wore his hair shoulder length. I had to show him my picture ID with my name on it when we first met because he refused to believe my name really was Delilah. I never tried to date him. I knew it wouldn't end well...

3) I speak Polish and English fluently. And while I took four years of French in high school and can still understand quite a bit of French, I haven't had much practice.

4)  I am married. Thank God.

5)  Most of my favourite authors are dead and include:  Edith Wharton, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Henryk Sienkiewicz, the Bronte sisters, Chaucer, Henry Fielding, and Hemingway.

6) My favourite living romance author who got me hooked on reading the romance I sought to write: Judith McNaught.

7) All of the heroes in my books are based on my husband. He is a model, a firefighter and an engineer. If you ever wish to see Mr. Marvelle in person, I recommend that you come to a book signing. Taking photos of the husband will cost extra.

8) An etiquette book from the year 1881 inspired me to write the scandal series featuring a red little etiquette book by an Unknown Author. It was used in the scandal series book trailer and is now sitting on my writing desk.

9) I can type ninety words per minute. I thank the Lord every day for signing up for that typing course back in high school. I did it to avoid taking chemistry. I still had to take chemistry the following semester. I was not happy.

10)  I used to be addicted to Starbucks Frappucinos. After having six in one night to meet a deadline, I decided never to drink them again.

11)  I am not as young as I look. This is a good thing. I hope it lasts.

12)  My favourite food is sushi. 

13)  My favourite colour is red.

14)  I love animals but do not own any.

15)  I have always secretly wanted to be a race car driver. 

16)  I have a culinary degree. I even won a national cooking contest for the most original cookie, winning $10,000. Despite this, the only real chef in the house is Chef Boyardee because my writing is keeping me out of the kitchen. My family does forgive me every Thanksgiving when I go all out and makes everything from scratch. Even the gravy.

17)  I was born and raised in Chicago.

18)  I now live in Portland, Oregon. The rain ensures I am always writing. I usually take the summers off because that is the only time the sun ever comes out.

19)  My favourite movies include Amelie, Secretary, Pillow Talk, and White (from the French Trilogy).

20)  I once walked in the jungles of Belize in my flip flops at night to go to the bathroom. When these black things were skittering beneath my feet, I stupidly asked the locals what they were. Tarantulas. I never wore flip flops in the jungle again.

21)  My grandmother calls sex "poom-poom." Seriously.     

22)  I am not descedent of royalty. I want to be. BUT... my great-great-GREAT grandfather was knighted by a King. Sadly, he was poisoned shortly afterward. This is, in fact, true. Unless my relatives are big fat liars. Which would explain where I get my incredible story-telling skills.

23)  I love kickboxing and running.

24)  My favourite sinful snack is salted dark chocolate and salted caramel.

25)  I cannot write when there are other people around. I cannot even have anyone in the house and must have complete silence. Why?  Because I talk aloud in a British accent as I'm writing. It helps my characters come alive but I know if anyone heard me doing it, they would think I am a freak.   

26)  I was involved in theatre for four years and use that experience to produce movie-like book trailers.

27)  I played the piano forte for ten years and competed regionally for about five, taking first place several times. I also took five years of ballet.
28)  I am impressed that you made it this far. You are either really freakin nosy or a real fan. I hope it's the latter.