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Debby Giusti

Debby Giusti

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Debby's top writing themes

Communications technology
The body
Cars and road trips

About Debby

As well as being a writer, I'm a medical technologist and I love working with test tubes and petri dishes almost as much as I love to write stories.

Growing up as an army brat, I met and married my husband – then a captain in the army – at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Together we travelled the world, raised three wonderful army brats of our own and now see the military tradition carried on in our son who's also in the army.

Always busy with church, school and community activities, I knew the time had come to settle down and write my first book when me and my family moved to Atlanta, GA. Despite the occasional moments of wanderlust, I love the fact that I now spend most of my time writing inspirational romantic suspense.