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Carol Voss

Carol Voss

Proud to write for Mills & Boon

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Coming of age

About Carol

I grew up in small town Wisconsin with ice-cream socials, Fourth-of-July parades, summer carnivals and people knowing and caring about everybody else. What better backdrop for heroes and heroines to fall in love?

In the years between business college and a liberal arts degree, I worked in a variety of businesses, married, raised two sons and a daughter and did volunteer work for church, school, Scouts, 4-H and a hospice. And I collected a few rejection letters from magazines when the voices in my head insisted on being heard. Finding Romance Writers of America gave me courage to try writing romance, and the voices began to sing.

I am proud to say that my writing since has received many awards, including two Golden Heart nominations and two Maggie Award nominations. I have won the Heart of the Rockies contest, the Four Seasons Award, the Golden Pen and the Silver Quill and have been a finalist in many others. I couldn't be happier that my stories have found a home with Mills and Boon.

I live near Madison, Wisconsin, with my creative husband, two vibrating Border collies and two supervisory cats. Besides writing, I love reading, walking, yoga, gardening, travelling and most of all, my home and family.

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